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1.  B. G. Quin (Whitley Bay): This bird works with her beak, having a rake round wormy ground (anag. in (Don) Juan).

2.  L. T. Stokes (Walsall): Just going half way by railway with the wife—she sits on a case! (ju(st) Ry woman).

3.  G. F. Bamford (Harlech): This female finds she won’t have the last word: in case she tries she’s shut up effectively (cryptic def.; finds, legal, shut in jury room).


C. Allen Baker (Milnathort): I’m just no saint, and there’s war on my variety; you’ll see me in court almost daily (ju(St.) + anag.).

F. D. H. Atkinson (Claygate): Just see her confounded jaw run—O my! She’s trying! (anag.).

M. A. R. Boyse (Enniscorthy): Mary won jumping (beginners)—erratic, but she may make a rider yet (anag. incl. ju(mping); rider = added recommendation).

R. N. Chignell (SW19): Silks appeal to me, and I am a fair judge of a suit (cryptic def.; silk = QC, suit = action at law).

F. P. Cremins (Mount Merrion): She must find being boxed up trying (cryptic def.; find, legal, jury box).

E. Gomersall (Fulford): Wife, after journey without one, does justice to one at the bar! (j(o)ur(ne)y + woman).

E. A. Jones (Reading): She must attend at court, so now Mary (very confused) follows the nib (very superior) (J U + anag.; see J-pen).

Mrs E. McFee (Rhos-on-Sea): Person on the panel has jugular most severely cut by unwary Medical Officer with the jitters (j(ugular) + anag. incl. MO).

C. J. Morse (SW10): Don with an eye for women circumvents the retreat of a pouting little junior lady examiner (mow + yr (all rev.) in Juan; pouting, n.).

S. Plumb (S Shields): Could be Army Warrant Officer in less than a month, but she retires before completing her service (anag. of army + WO in Jun(e)).

Mrs E. Shackleton (Newbury): She’ll have a case presented to her before she retires (cryptic def.).

Mrs E. M. Simmonds (Cookham Dean): The lady panellist has won my high-class jar in a raffle (anag. incl. U; raffle2 = jumble).

H. G. Tattersall (Barnet): Only a temporary help? Her foreman’s words could result in prolonged labour or instant dismissal (i.e. jury- (char)woman (cf. jurymast, jury-rigged) [see comments]).

M. R. Wetherfield (Stafford): In any case my lady must try and stay fair, however much being seen in a black gown and wig appeals to her! (cryptic def. being = person i.e. a barrister).


K. W. Andrews, Lt Col P. S. Baines, J. W. Bates, T. E. Bell, A. J. Bisset, Mrs G. Bonsall, Rev C. M. Broun, C. O. Butcher, G. H. Dickson, J. A. Fincken, M. B. Fisher, Mrs N. Fisher, E. Gabbitas, C. E. Gates, S. B. Green, D. L. Gregory, M. J. Hickman, E. M. Hornby, J. A. Hyde, K. E. James, Mrs L. Jarman, V. Jennings, A. H. Jones, B. K. Kelly, T. P. Kelly, S. G. Kirsch, F. Knapman, A. L. Kneen, A. W. Maddocks, Mrs W. J. Mahood, A. A. Malcolm, T. W. Melluish, D. P. M. Michael, E. J. Miller, W. L. Miron, J. J. Moore, S. L. Paton, Miss M. J. Patrick, W. H. Pegram, K. Reed, W. G. Roberts, Mrs J. Robertson, A. Robins, J. L. Ruddle, Miss C. F. Sampson, E. O. Seymour, R. Stephenson, F. B. Stubbs, E. Taylor, H. Turner, Capt C. Tyers, J. F. N. Wedge, T. G. Wellman, C. E. Williams, R. Wilson, Canon R. J. Wood.

COMMENTS:—314 entries, 303 correct. My sympathy with your noble struggles to deal with a very difficult word is, I hope, shown in the long list of runners-up. A “straight” clue is quite legitimate for a familiar word, and more than usual of this type appear in the lists. Several people used the allusion to “jury- mast!: I wasn’t altogether happy as to the soundness of these clues—a query or the like was certainly needed—but I have included the one I liked best in the H.C.s and several others among the R.U.s. The winner won easily: the second was easily second: the third is the one I liked best among the “straight” clues. I’m glad Playfair continues to be popular. No time for more.

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