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1.  F. E. Newlove: Put a saint in a bath of Champagne and see if he does! (St in a bain (Fr.), & lit.).

2.  Mrs E. M. Simmonds: Don’t use your ballot-paper as a book-mark (a b stain).

3.  C. J. Morse: You’ll find Australia’s opening bats reformed at the wicket—it’s all to be very sober (A + anag. + in).


C. Allen Baker: Only half the bags brought up—it’s an outrage! Don’t tip the porter! (ba(gs) (rev.) + anag.; porter ale).

J. A. Blair: Put the opening of a bottle to shame (a b + stain, & lit.).

C. O. Butcher: Don’t indulge first-of-ApriI disposition to make saint b—— wild (If Ximenes uses his head, he won’t). (A + anag., 2 defs.; i.e. X in voting).

R. N. Chignell: Don’t drink absinthe not having the reserves within (TA in absin(the)).

T. Davies: Get a book-mark—librarian’s request to readers who turn down the page corners (a b stain).

J. H. Dingwall: Tar leads to defilement. Don’t touch it! (AB + stain).

F. E. Dixon: Stay away? It can be arranged if you’ve an absit (anag.).

S. B. Green: Never drink absinthe without the inside being one-third tanned (ta(nned) in absin(the)).

P. W. W. Leach: Fast intoxicating Paris favourite loosens and discards the—thanks for the interlude (ta in absin(the); fast3 vb.).

A. F. Lerrigo: Unpalatable advice for the jolly Jack-tar, perhaps (AB stain, & lit.).

T. W. Melluish: Jack Spot’s spare counsel? (AB stain; ref. Jack ‘Spot’ Comer, East End gangster cleared of stabbing charge).

D. P. M. Michael: Sailors ain’t sorry maybe to leave port! (ABs + anag.).

J. J. Moore: Australia’s opening bats are shaky at the wicket: some sobering advice is needed (A + anag. + in).

R. Postill: Jack Spot investigation should give warning to those tempted to bear false witness (AB stain; ref. Jack ‘Spot’ Comer, East End gangster cleared of stabbing charge).

Mrs E. Shackleton: Refrain from American religious number—“Ain’t misbehaving”! (ABS + anag.; American Bible Society; ref. Fats Waller song).

J. B. Sykes: Bachelor—about to be married to old Blanch? Don’t! (AB + stain; AB = B. of Arts (US); stain = whiten (obs.)).

D. H. Tompsett: What to do if you want to be no plumper! (double mng.; plump, vb. = give all one’s votes).

J. S. Young: Have nothing to do with higher rating—it’s an outrage! (AB + stain; rating = seaman).


J. P. H. Allon, P. C. Barclay, J. W. Bates, E. A. Beaulah, R. S. Caffyn, P. R. Clemow, R. M. S. Cork, J. P. Dorman, Brig W. E. Duncan, P. J. Dyer, Mrs N. Fisher, M. S. Y. Fowler, Mrs D. Fuller, C. E. Gates, D. Godden, H. J. Godwin, S. Goldie, E. Gomersall, V. L. Harrison, Mrs P. Heeks, Mrs L. Jarman, M. Jones, Mrs P. S. Juniper, G. M. Neighbour, Miss M. J. Patrick, H. Perry, Mrs F. H. Shepherd, E. B. Stevens, Brig R. F. E. Stoney, F. B. Stubbs, J. A. L. Sturrock, Miss D. W. Taylor, J. Thompson, H. S. Tribe, Capt C. Tyers, F. L. Usher, J. F. N. Wedge, T. G. Wellman, H. F. C. Williams, S. E. Woods, Flt Lt N. D. Young.

ANNUAL CONSOLATION PRIZES:—R. Postill, T. E. Sanders, 7 H.C.s. C. O. Butcher, S. B. Green, 5.
HONOURS LIST:—1. C. J. Morse, 2 prizes, 7 H.C.s. 2. R. N. Chignell, 2-4. 3. J. S. Young, 2-3; C. Allen Baker, 1-5; R. Postill, T. E. Sanders, 0-7. 7. Mrs. N. Fisher, D. P. M. Michael, F. E. Newlove, 1-4. 10. T. E. Bell, W. K. M. Slimmings, 2-1; Mrs. E. M. Simmonds, J. A. L. Sturrock, 1-3; C. O. Butcher, S. B. Green, 0-5. 17. J. P. Sykes, Miss D. W. Taylor, J. F. N. Wedge, 1-2; E. A. Beaulah, Mrs. G. Bonsall, T. W. Melluish, P. H. Morgan, A. Robins, Mrs. E. Shackleton, 0-4.
COMMENTS:—The puzzle proved more difficult this time, especially the top half where ENDOSSES (in spite of several “old’s” in the clue) gave trouble: 247 entries, 212 correct. The clues submitted maintained the very high standard we have had lately. For the benefit of the unsuccessful, I will continue quoting: this time I give two unsound clues of different types from those quoted recently. 1. Redundant words included for the sake of the misleading general sense of the clue:—Lindwall is the kind of fast bowler whose deliveries may well put bats in a confused state of mind.” Here “kind of fast … may well put bats in a confused” gives a clue: the rest is irrelevant padding, which might be useful against Lindwall but has nothing to do with “abstain”! This is flagrantly unsound. 2. A form of clue to a clue: A = B, B = C, ∴ A = C. This proposition may be true mathematically, but it certainly isn’t verbally! “Much the same as a kind of chorus? Theme-song of Hope’s Band?” Kind of chorus = refrain; refrain = abstain; but abstain is NOT a kind of chorus!
Thank you for the very sporting spirit in which you accepted the April 1st leg-pull! A genuine “P.D.” puzzle—and I assure you that it really will be genuine—is due to appear on the last Sunday in June, when “non-plain” and competition coincide.

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