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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2603 May 2022TERAS def. PRATT Wrong Number 22


Competition 2603’s average clue lengths over 22 clues:

46 letters per clue (1 above the archive average, and 1 below the average for Wrong Number competitions)

8.7 words per clue (0.9 below the archive average, and 0.9 below the average for Wrong Number competitions)


Longest clue (the 3rd longest Wrong Number clue in the archive)

After dismissing jolly, Starmer’s ordered to reveal what could lie behind dreadful Labour experience

85 letters, 14 words, by Dr S. J. Shaw


Shortest clues (the 12th shortest Wrong Number clues in the archive)

Monster assuredly can cover it

26 letters, 5 words, by R. S. Morse


Freak wave astern, passing rear

26 letters, 5 words, by T. C. Borland


Competition 2603 has contributed 15 unique words to the clue archive:

G. H. Willettabsentia
R. S. Morseassuredly
P. McKennadread’s
T. Andersonfesters
W. Dreverfundament
D. & N. AsplandKim’s
D. & N. Asplandmonstrosity
R. J. HealdOutrage
G. H. Willettprodigy
Dr S. J. ShawStarmer’s
D. F. ManleySunak
R. J. Healdsupermarkets
C. G. Millintanks
C. A. Clarketwerking
Dr I. S. Fletcheruterus