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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2347 Jun 2017ASLEEP normal 21


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Competition 2347’s average clue lengths over 21 clues:

46 letters per clue (1 above the archive average, and 3 above the average for 6-letter words)

8.8 words per clue (0.8 below the archive average, and 0.2 below the average for 6-letter words)


Longest clues (the 1,339th longest normal clues in the archive)

Is this when Labour’s leader and Scots eye power, or am I dreaming perchance?

61 letters, 14 words, by G. H. Willett


How a silent corpse, not having tics nor stirring, could mistakenly appear

61 letters, 12 words, by Dr S. J. Shaw


Rail union strikes following extreme pressure with system in paralysis

61 letters, 10 words, by S. J. O’Boyle


Shortest clues (the 851st shortest normal clues in the archive)

A swipe wide going for fifty – out!

26 letters, 7 words, by J. P. B. Hall


Out when quiet cradles shelter

26 letters, 5 words, by C. W. Reid Dick


Competition 2347 has contributed 13 unique words to the clue archive:

J. C. LeylandChristopher
R. Zaradormouse
G. H. Willettdreaming
Dr J. Burscoughelapsed
M. Barleyhypnotics
C. A. Clarkenapping
J. Grimesnightly
M. BarkerPelleas
W. Ransomeraver
J. GrimesTallying
Dr S. J. Shawtics
P. L. Stoneundress
M. A. Macdonald-CooperYorkshire’s

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