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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2187 May 2014WEST normal 23


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Competition 2187’s average clue lengths over 23 clues:

47 letters per clue (2 above the archive average, and 7 above the average for 4-letter words)

9.6 words per clue (equal to the archive average, and 1.2 above the average for 4-letter words)


Longest clues (the 161st longest normal clues in the archive)

In terms of show attendance and Charles Cruft this is where you may see red setter regularly

76 letters, 17 words, by A. J. Young


Methodist preacher recanting line on First Letter to Thessalonians – or one of the Timothys?

76 letters, 14 words, by R. Gilbert


Surprisingly, Eton was missing on a circulated recommendation for young man’s destination

76 letters, 12 words, by G. I. L. Grafton


Shortest clue (the 1,104th shortest normal clue in the archive)

It’s reddest when the sun goes down

28 letters, 7 words, by T. C. Borland


Competition 2187 has contributed 16 unique words to the clue archive:

C. J. BroughamBeaujolais
P. L. Stoneconverting
A. J. YoungCruft
Dr S. J. ShawCyclically
M. Barleydazzle
F. J. B. Wheenesteem
S. Claughtonfly-half
Ms S. Wallaceimbue
R. GilbertMethodist
R. Gilbertrecanting
T. C. Borlandreddest
R. GilbertThessalonians
R. GilbertTimothys
M. Owentowny
D. Cartertragedy’s
Dr S. J. Shawwhenever

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