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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1437 Dec 1999MISTLETOE normal 21


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Competition 1437’s average clue lengths over 21 clues:

51 letters per clue (6 above the archive average, and 5 above the average for 9-letter words)

11.0 words per clue (1.4 above the archive average, and 1.4 above the average for 9-letter words)


Longest clue (the 6th longest normal clue in the archive)

A seasonal excuse for ‘Brief Encounter’? A film on old-fashioned restraint, love and the essential character of the English

100 letters, 19 words, by C. A. Clarke


Shortest clue (the 1,246th shortest normal clue in the archive)

Hemi-parasite to elm when entwined

29 letters, 5 words, by H. Freeman


Competition 1437 has contributed 16 unique words to the clue archive:

J. Mortlemanamour’s
F. R. Palmerbird’ll
E. Dawidboyfriend
T. J. Mooreybussing’s
E. A. BeaulahDruidism
R. G. Smitheggshell
H. FreemanHemi-parasite
Mrs S. D. Johnsonhosts
E. J. BurgeMoet
Mrs S. D. JohnsonMoi
R. G. SmithOmelette
Dr I. TorbeParasitic
C. J. Broughamsmacker
Dr I. Torbetoilets
F. P. N. Laketruly’s
R. G. Smithwhisked

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