WordStats for S. L. Claughton
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NameNo of cluesFirst
VHCsHCs Also listed as
S. L. Claughton4 01322S. Claughton


S. L. Claughton’s average clue lengths over 4 clues:

47 letters per clue (2 above the archive average of 45)

8.8 words per clue (0.8 below the archive average of 9.6)


Longest clue

Pool nearly all spare change to make offering at a large Reformed Church collection

70 letters, 14 words, in competition 2417 ALTARAGE / PROPOSAL (Right and Left)


Shortest clue

Welsh fly-half reversed direction

29 letters, 4 words, in competition 2187 WEST


S. L. Claughton has contributed 1 unique word to the clue archive: