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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
595 Jun 1960INORNATE / OMADHAUN Right and Left16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMiss D. W. TaylorI’ve a favourite spot that doesn’t close! Crazy to go over it? Give me a ring first—I’m Gaby, modelling Parisian black, neat but not gaudy!0 + mad + haun(t); anag. incl. noir (Fr.); see gaby in C.
SecondMrs J. RobertsonWhat makes a human do wrong, fool?—Simple! When there’s no alternative, it’s natural!anag.; or in innate
ThirdE. J. RackhamPoor simpleton can only produce a confused O-ah-um and a tie disarranged when embracing lady of fortune, it’s plainanag.; Norn1 in anag.
HCJ. W. BatesSimple iron shot, then in the rough, a ten; oh damn! a high-class mess-up—there’s a fool!anag. + anag.; anag. incl. U
HCJ. R. CaustonPlain natural round gold ring, infatuated—Ha, one French foolor in innate; o mad ha un (Fr.)
HCN. C. DexterOne train shunting up and down is enough for simple idiot in his loco-mad hauntingsanag.; hidden
HCG. H. DicksonLove-crazy, the Irish Johnny is after losing his head; it’s a fool he is—quite simple, burbling inane rot!0 mad (S)haun; anag.
HCJ. A. FinckenChaste busts are not in—provide some decoration, and do the same for the ears—something quite simple!anag.; OM + ‘adorn’
HCT. E. GirdlestoneA human, odd, lacking beginning of discretion, deranged, simple, offers a miscellany of inane rot!anag. incl. od(d); anag.
HCC. J. MorseThis is just plain gold in a natural setting. Fool! I want a decoration to be decorative, d’you hear?or in innate; OM + ‘adorn’
HCF. E. NewloveNot very pretty or neat in its make-up, this Irish version of a Mahound might be described as uncanny!anag.; anag.; Irish (offensive) = ludicrous
HCR. O’DonoghueBatting with elaborate display, I’m plain furious after getting a duck—almost becoming frequent, too—I’ll never learn!in ornate; 0 mad haun(t)
HCRev E. G. RileyDo a human being wrong and you’ll have a weak-minded Irishman, simple to take in, hold forth about the Northanag.; in + N in orate
HCA. RobinsA human being unfortunately fitted to do the same as a fool is simple, or embraced by the word “natural”anag. incl. do, & lit.; or in innate
HCCapt C. TyersPlain, made of gold and once neat, a high-class ring man had treated carelessly. What a fool!in or nate; anag. incl U o; nate, obs. spelling in OED
HCR. A. WellsSouthern half of moor is in natural plain, round, wild—endless resort for a simple person(mo)or in innate; o mad haun(t)

Runners-Up in competition 595:

A. W. AspinallC. E. GatesP. H. MorganT. E. Sanders
Lt Col P. S. BainesS. GoldieP. K. NandiW. K. M. Slimmings
C. Allen BakerR. McD. GrahamPlt Off L. W. G. OxleyMiss B. Smoker
H. J. BradburyV. JenningsD. F. O’SullivanM. C. Souster
Rev C. M. BrounA. H. JonesG. PerryMrs J. Thomas
P. A. BrowneB. K. KellyR. PostillD. H. Tompsett
C. I. BullockMiss J. S. LumsdenH. RaingerMrs J. E. Townsend
P. M. CoombsR. K. LumsdonR. F. RayJ. Walters
A. E. CrowDr T. J. R. MaguireLady Reay 
L. L. DixonMrs E. McFeeMr & Mrs A. Rivlin