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Clue no. 16: Nice money to be had from "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"?

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A clue to ARGENT.
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Comments on the clue
1.Not keen on superfluous words in a hidden clue
2.Not sure what the surface means here.
Comments on the competition
Although ARGENT has several meanings it is a tricky word to define with precision and the most successful clues avoided using a vague, imprecise or esoteric definition. It does lend itself well to the 'and lit' format, though examples of this were surprisingly thin on the ground (24 & 39). Four competitors chose to clue ARGENT as the French for 'money' (16, 21, 33 & 37) whilst clue 12 opted for the more generic forms of silver currency. However the large majority chose to use either a simple definition of 'silver' or 'silvery' (23/46) or a reference to the heraldic tincture (10/46). To define ARGENT as 'white' without any reference to heraldry made five clues rather too challenging (3, 6, 44, 45 and 46) as perhaps were the two using 'colour' (4 and 11).