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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
651 Jul 1961NIPCHEESE normal15


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. O. ButcherLavish presentations are not my line—the likes of Felix and Mickey Mouse satisfy me!nip3 cheese; i.e. what F. & M.M. like
SecondA. B. GardnerPut down hunks like this and you’ll have bait enough to catch the cat as well as the mouse!nip3 cheese; hunks = miser
ThirdR. W. JakemanScrew used, no doubt, in Japanese mousetrapsi.e. Nip cheese; screw (old sl.) = skinflint; Nip (offensive sl.) = Japanese
HCJ. W. BatesHe is tight with the odd pence!anag. & lit.
HCT. E. BellHe commonly hangs on to his pence—tight!anag. + ’e, & lit.
HCA. H. P. Cardew’E pinches terribly ’e does!anag. + ’e, & lit.
HCC. E. GatesIf you fancy a snifter, the old number one brand, the purser’s the man for you!nip, cheese2
HCE. GomersallHe is tight with penceanag. & lit.
HCR. W. HawesHe wouldn’t consider a Grand Prix to be severe with Dunlop, for examplenip cheese; prix (Fr.) = price; D. cheese
HCF. G. IllingworthIs he careless with pence? Yes and no!anag. & lit.
HCA. L. Jeffery’E pinches, ’e’ s crooked, the skinflint!anag.
HCR. PostillHunks of Japanese Cheddar? (No wonder they called the purser a ——!)i.e. Nip cheese; hunks = miser; Nip (offensive sl.) = Japanese
HCA. RobinsHe is tight with pence!anag. & lit.
HCJ. B. SweetingScrooge was the type to give a tiny tot a squashed cakenip cheese
HCMiss A. C. TathamOne who takes care of the pence, is he? Yes, and no!anag. & lit.

Runners-Up in competition 651:

F. D. H. AtkinsonP. M. CoombsA. A. MalcolmW. Rodgers
Mrs F. BeggCdr H. H. L. DicksonMrs E. McFeeMrs E. Shackleton
Capt A. S. BirtW. M. EastherT. W. MelluishW. K. M. Slimmings
B. BurtonC. C. M. GiffinW. L. MironA. F. R. Stoddart
J. R. CaustonG. P. GoddardC. J. MorseL. T. Stokes
Mrs J. ChalkleyS. B. GreenD. OuthwaiteT. A. Stout
P. R. ClemowMrs L. JarmanG. PerryMiss D. W. Taylor
J. ColebyA. H. JonesH. PerryMrs J. Thomas
M. CookA. LawrieA. J. Redstone