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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
464 Dec 1957STRAWED normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs N. FisherWith Dawn’s complexion aid, beauty culture’s up to you—spread over oncedew art’s (all rev.)
SecondH. RaingerOnce spread on, clears skin blemishes up!de-warts (rev.)
ThirdJ. A. FinckenWhat those old broadcasters did, wearing boaters, had a decidedly corny effect!2 mngs; straw boaters
HCD. AshcroftCast perchance a crust of bread upon th’ unruly watersanag. + (brea)d
HCF. D. H. AtkinsonSteward in trouble because (like his master) he hadn’tanag.; ref. Matt. 25:24, “thou hast not strawed” (KJV)
HCC. Allen BakerMiddle age spread gives rise to the first signs of decline—with noticeable protuberances!de-warts (rev.); i.e. in middle ages
HCT. E. BellRemoves the excrescence from the superficies, so to speak, arising from scattered litter!de-warts (rev.)
HCJ. M. BennettIt’s chilly and damp in the old farmhouse which is thatchedraw in sted
HCF. H. BernardClytemnestra (Wednesday, Third) features old flat poetic version, rarely broadcast nowadayshidden, a third of letters
HCP. R. ClemowBelt broken off at the end—get into double harness for middle-age spreadstra(p) wed; i.e. in middle ages
HCP. HobbyWild oats were subjects of interest for raised brows—they’ve gone North to get married!arts (rev.) + wed; i.e. highbrows
HCDr T. O. HughesRazed, in ancient useraw in sted, & lit.
HCA. L. JefferyThe beginning of snow—cold and damp spread about—then Twickenham is this, perhaps!s + raw in ted (vb.); straw spread on playing surface
HCC. J. MorseSpenser’s diffuse—but that’s natural in his periodraw in sted
HCE. G. PhillipsWhat Moses did with the remains of the calf in the Sinai Desert, in brief, polluted wateranag. in S, D, & lit.; ref. Exod. 32:20, “strawed it upon the water” (KJV)
HCR. PostillYou and I fiddle around: hence the Middle-Aged Spread!we in Strad; i.e. in middle ages
HCMaj J. N. PurdonWe fiddle about, the same as “The Unjust Steward,” broadcast some time agowe in Strad, anag.
HCL. E. ThomasAlthough old-fashioned even in the past, this is an excellent pretext for much bowing and scraping about the royal person(royal) we in Strad; even, vb.
HCJ. ThompsonQueen Elizabeth’s tossed about: steward sickanag.; ref. Elizabeth I and liner
HCA. D. WalkerElizabethans may have said the Armada was as a result of a S.W. Trade blowing upanag. & lit.; ref. Spanish A. scattered by storms

Runners-Up in competition 464:

R. B. AllnuttS. GoldieN. PerryL. H. Stewart
C. M. BrounE. GomersallE. J. RackhamL. T. Stokes
C. O. ButcherS. B. GreenG. H. RavenorH. G. Tattersall
E. ClarkD. HawsonK. ReedMiss D. W. Taylor
P. M. CoombsLt Cdr E. S. IrvineM. RichD. H. Tompsett
G. H. DicksonV. JenningsRev E. G. RileyH. S. Tribe
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonA. LawrieT. E. SandersJ. F. N. Wedge
Mrs J. O. FullerMrs R. D. LemonR. E. ScratonJ. S. Young
C. C. M. GiffinH. LyonMrs E. Shackleton 
A. N. GirlingDr S. L. PatonMrs E. M. Simmonds 
G. P. GoddardH. C. S. PerryP. F. Simpson