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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
451 Sep 1957MEGAPODE normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstS. B. GreenI put out the clutch on a hill, and a small boy in the way beats a retreat!page2 (rev.) in mode
SecondN. C. DexterHaving big feet, I’m an upholder of long dresses coming back into fashionpage2 (rev.) in mode
ThirdMrs N. FisherI lay down under being labelled a backward boy in formpage2 (rev.) in mode
HCF. AyImerIn this game dope is freely used: it should get the bird from the Moundanag.; ref. stand at Lord’s
HCC. Allen BakerGet me sitting on a loaded shell in a mass of earth? Not this bird!me + a pod in Ge, & lit.; m. does not sit on eggs
HCP. C. BarclayI make myself a crevice in a hill, and then layme gap ode, & lit.
HCC. O. ButcherCause (and effect) of a mouldy dome incorporating a modicum of egg-spacee(gg) gap in anag., & lit.
HCC. E. GatesI may be found making a rough dome round a vacant spot—the start of an eggerygap in anag. + e, & lit.
HCDr T. O. HughesEnglish dollar deficit is in a state. I’ve got my nest-egg in the Bank of AustraliaE gap in mode
HCDr T. J. R. MaguireMo.-ped., crazy with age, gets a flying start from Shellanag.; m. can fly from moment of hatching
HCE. L. MellershIndigenous Australian with distant relations in Surrey thinks the Mound ought to be on the Ovalcryptic def.; m. lays eggs in a mound, related to grouse, etc.; ref. stand at Lord’s
HCJ. J. MooreAt a Victorian hen-party it would not be unusual to see me break into songme gap ode; gap vb.
HCC. J. MorseYou’ll find me with a fabricated hatching-place in the earth (Greek form of name)me + a pod in Ge, & lit.; pod = silk cocoon
HCM. RichA device for holding one’s skirts back in fashion—to show what big feet one’s got?page2 (rev.) in mode
HCT. E. SandersMay, one that’s full of beans perhaps and leader of England, is sure to make a pile in AustraliaMeg a pod E; Meg = May, see Names in C.
HCMrs E. M. SimmondsI give the undeveloped egg a parking-place in a queerly-constructed domeeg(g) a P in anag., & lit.
HCK. C. SlaterLayer who makes a pile from backing perfect specimen against animal without feetgem (rev.) + apode
HCF. B. StubbsThis bird’s egg’s beginning to crack inside a sort of domee(gg) gap in anag., & lit.
HCJ. B. SykesYou’ll find a shell, perhaps, amid old earth assembled by meme + a pod in Ge, & lit.
HCMiss D. W. TaylorOne of the sort you see down under, making a pile in the dope gameanag.; 2 mngs. of down under

Runners-Up in competition 451:

D. AshcroftH. EmmettB. J. McCannE. Schafran
J. W. BatesJ. H. EyreMrs E. McFeeW. K. M. Slimmings
E. A. BeaulahJ. A. FloodD. P. M. MichaelR. Stephenson
T. E. BellS. GoldieP. H. MorganL. E. Thomas
A. S. BirtE. GomersallG. M. NeighbourD. H. Tompsett
G. BoltonC. P. GrantF. E. NewloveJ. Ward
Mrs G. BonsallW. E. GreenDr S. L. PatonT. G. Wellman
R. N. ChignellHis Hon F. Kingsley GriffithW. H. PegramC. E. Williams
P. M. CoombsD. HawsonT. J. PemberleyMiss K. Wooldridge
Mrs C. CrawfordJ. Hardie KeirW. J. PlumbM. Woolf
A. E. CrowB. K. KellyR. PostillA. H. Wright
A. E. DanherCapt G. LanghamMaj J. N. PurdonJ. S. Young
C. R. DeanA. LawrieE. J. Rackham 
L. DeanR. K. LumsdonA. Robins 
F. E. DixonJ. MannP. D. Robinson