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The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition is open to all members of The Crossword Centre mailing list on Google Groups, and members who previously subscribed to the Crossword Centre’s Yahoo! Groups mailing list.

There are two steps to joining the competition:

If you joined the Crossword Centre’s Yahoo! Groups mailing list before 15 Dec 2020 you can register on this site now. If you joined the Google Groups mailing list only, you should normally be able to register here within a few days of joining. At present we cannot automatically check the Google Groups membership list, so when you first join the Google Groups list there is a delay while we manually update this site’s list. Please email if you are not able to register here after joining the mailing list.

On this page:

Join the Crossword Centre’s mailing list
Register for the clue-writing competition
Problems with registering
Changing your details
If you forget your password
Cancelling your registration
Security and Data Protection
Fair use policy

Join the Crossword Centre’s mailing list [top]

To join The Crossword Centre’s mailing list click the link below and follow the instructions on the Google Groups site. Please make sure you request to receive emails from the Crossword Centre.



Register for the clue-writing competition [top]

To register on this site please go to the Registration page and enter your email address (the same one that is on the Crossword Centre’s mailing list). Once your address is verified, enter your name and choose a password.

The name you enter will be used to identify you in the competition results, so you are asked to include your first and last names (e.g. John Smith).

Your email address is only used to identify you when you login to this site and is never published or revealed to other competitors.

Problems with registering [top]

You will see an error message on the registration page if the email address you entered was not found on the copy of the Crossword Centre’s mailing list held on this site. This could mean:

You will see an information message if the email address you entered is already registered with this site.

If your email address is accepted, you can enter your name and choose and confirm a password. You need to fill in all three boxes. You will see an error message if you leave any of them empty.

When you have entered your name and password, registration is complete. You can now login to compete and vote in competitions.

If you cannot resolve a registration problem, please contact by email from the address you want to register.

Changing your details [top]

You can change your email address, name or password details at the Registration Details page. If you change your name, the new name will be applied to all your past and future competition entries.

If you change your email address, we recommend – but don’t require – that you add the new address to the Crossword Centre Google Groups mailing list first, so that you continue to receive competition updates.

If you remove your email address from the Google Groups list, the address will continue to be registered with the Clue-Writing Competition, and you can carry on entering and voting. We strongly recommend that you register an actively used email address with this site so that you can receive communications in the event of problems or if you win a prize.

See the previous section for details of error messages related to email addresses.

If you forget your password [top]

If you forget your password, please go to the Password Reset page. Enter your email address and click the Reset Password button. A new password will be generated and emailed to you automatically. Check your inbox, and your Spam or Junk folder, for an email from CCCWC Admin titled ‘CCCWC Login Help’.

The new password is not visible to anyone else. To prevent possible misuse you may only request a limited number of password resets in a given time period.

Cancelling your registration [top]

If you want to cancel your registration on this site, select the appropriate option on your Membership details page. If you cancel your registration you will not be able to reinstate it with the same email address. Your past competition entries will continue to be shown on the site.

Security and Data Protection [top]

Your registration details are held securely on this site. Only the competition organisers can see your email address. No one can see your password.

As well as password resets and other help requests, CCCWC Admin sends out automated reminders to some competitors and voters near to competition closing dates. Apart from that you will not receive email communication from this site. All other emailing is handled through the Google Groups email system.

Fair use policy [top]

You are not asked to sign up to terms and conditions when you register on the Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition website, but it is expected that you agree to use the site fairly. Specifically you agree that:



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