The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC March 2014 competition results

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53 clues entered. 43 votes cast (38 competitors, 5 others).


This month brings another "fresh" look to the leaderboard. Congratulations go to Eddie Looby, a regular competitor, who achieves his first win – well done Eddie!
Second spot goes to James – a return to his form of a few years ago – more to come perhaps?
Bhalchandra mounts the podium for the second month running, sneaking up a place into third.
Fourth place is taken by Robert Vere – first podium for a couple of years, well done for climbing back up!
Final placing goes to – whose name may be a bit of a mouthful but his/her artful clue was short and to the point – first time on the podium so congratulations!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
127Eddie LoobyI was heroically drawn direct from cold rocky burialEX (direct from) + C (cold) + BURIAL*; ref the pulling of the sword from the stone by Arthur470  3  
236James GlassonburyOld bore heard this legend in the King's Armsex calibre (heard)361  2  
38Bhalchandra PasupathyBeheaded king reportedly bore a legendary swordEX(REX-R: beheaded king) + CALIBUR (~CALIBRE = bore, as in firearms)30.52  2  
430Robert VereIt was set in stone that former captain would receive burial at seaEx C burial*291  1  
550John NewsonThe point of Art?Cryptic Definition — point = "the sharp tapering end of a pin, knife etc." (see Collins) — Art = commonly accepted shorthand for Arthur. — i.e. "The blade belonging to Arthur?"261  6  
649John TozerThe legendary Sabre, perhaps, gives extra quality to the Listenerex. + 'calibre'; ref. crossword setter241  1  
72sam wilkinsonA legendary brand of unknown quality, one hears (9)A legendary brand – definition, unknown (x) quality (calibre), one hears – homophone indicator of 'x' + 'calibre'233  2  
819Tom BorlandFabulous strokemaker tops off Crucible max with flourish*(c)RUCIBLE (m)AX; def. Fabulous strokemaker21.52  3  
917Kenneth HorneExcellent cover story – "I've gone to the old city to get the king's sword."Excellent = EXC; cover story = ALIB(I), I've gone; the old city = UR. + def.211  4  
104Keith WilliamsAll aquiver, excitable Arthur could provide threat with this?Comp anag [excitable + Arthur >>> threat + excalibur]:&Lit ref King Arthur203  2  
1120 Famous steel cross pinched by incurable criminal (name withheld)X in incurable* minus N; steel=sword19.53  2  
1215 Dumped spouse I found in a club dancing with R Brand!EX + I in ACLUB anag. + R; def. = Brand (literary word for a sword); ref. infamous Lothario and comic Russell Brand192  4  
1310 Brand no longer worth being listened to'ex calibre', ref. Russell B, since his offensive broadcast173  3  
1342 See a Liberal behind vote to stay in Europe? Steel as beforeX c a Lib in Eur Lord S steel = sword (Ch)172  3  
1538 Old sword was of sound quality(9)Direct = old sword. Was = ex, quality = calibur (caliber), sound = homophone indicator16.51  3  
161 A club one Rex once wielded? Yes and no!ACLUBIREX*161  3  
1735 Mythical weapon Blair excuse largely involvedAnagram of BLAIR EXCU(SE) referring to Tony Blair's excuse for Iraq war.15.51  1  
1822 Former chaplain regularly used to polish up famous swordEX + alternate letters of C(h)A(p)L(A)I(n) + RUB<156  2  
1933 Massage, lubricate, kiss, no time for a shaft!LUBRICA(X)E anag, & lit14.51  4  
2048 Take exception to corrupt Blair protecting Sun – essentially a powerful hacker?EXC[eption] + BLAIR* around [s]U[n]; def = "a powerful hacker?" – Excalibur often said to have magical powers.12.52  2  
219 Brand name that used to be set in stone?DD, brand name = name of ancient sword, that used to be set in stone? = ref. Arthurian legend11.54  2  
2129 In short, extra quality, they say, shows in legendary brand.Ex = extra (abbr – see Chambers) + calibur = calibre (homophone)/def (brand = sword).11.52  3  
237 Arthur's drawn blinds (9)Cryptic whole clue definition. When Excalibur is drawn , it blinds Arthur's rivals. Deceptive surface reading.91  3  
2313 Cutter ending up in an arm of the lake (9)Charade Cutter <> Sword <> type of boat an arm of the lake <> descr. of a stretch of water <> Lady of The Lake's arm emerged from the water to catch Excalibur in the air Arthurian legend (Mallory) – Lady of The Lake's arm emerges to catch Excalibur as it is hurled over the water after Arthur's death91  3  
256 Arthur's brand new ex-Airmen's club has no gents!Anagram: EX-AIRmen's CLUB minus men's (has no gents / men's toilet); def: Arthur's brand; [ Brand: a sword: "So flashed and fell the brand Excalibur" (Tennyson)].81  3  
2518 Fabulous brand of beer dropped from one's lips when kissing backside of old flamefabulous = legendary & brand = sword; Kaliber (beer) homophone (dropped…lips) when kissing (touching) rear of ex (old flame)81  4  
2525 Heard tell this old weapon no longer cuts the mustard.Sounds like ex-calibre.80  2  
2812 Cudgel axe and club? I take a swordAnag. 'axe, club I R'7.51  2  
2953 Was this got direct from stone as told, thrown back, to foreign lake returned?Was this got (def – ref to legend of this sword being pulled from stone and thrown into lake) direct from (EX cf Chambers) stone 'thrown back' IBUR ie reversed so RUBI – sounding like ruby ('as told'), to (next to) foreign lake – LAC (French) returned (ie spelled backwards) &lit?60  4  
3040 Quality, it's said, once led the way – only a true king could have such steelEX+CALIBUR (calibre hom.)5.51  2  
3231 Legendary sword's formed club and axe I put before king(CLUB + AXE + I)* + put before R4.51  2  
3247 Take edges off fireaxe and meld with club to create legendary weaponTake edges off fireaxe = IREAX; And meld (anagram indicator) with CLUB = EXCALBUR, Legendary weapon = definition4.51  1  
3411 Crowning glory for freeing this?According to legend whomever was able to remove the sword would be crowned king.41  3  
3424 From stony confines this was liberated By one who then as king was celebrated.41  3  
3646 Sword of State almost split old stone upDefinition of wordplay. Sword = def.; State almost = cali(f) in old = ex; stone = rub; up = reversal indicator.3.50  1  
3714 Disused weapon is heard (9)def : disused weapon disused weapon = EX CALIBRE30  4  
3728 Impassioned Rex: With a club, I hammered mythic swordEX(CALIBU)R (Rex)* containing (a club I)*32  1  
3943 Semi-heroical king (Uther's first-born) managed to find his sword(ICAL + REX + U + B)* [semi-heroical = ICAL; king = REX; Uther's first = U; born = B; AInd: managed; Uther was King Arthur's father]2.54  2  
3951 Topless sex nearly led to libido being halved – extremely unpopular for famous blade (9)Famous blade = def Topless sex = EX Nearly = CA Libido halved = LIB Extremely unpopular = UR2.51  2  
4121 Fighter pilot returns around 10:51, gets back massage, becomes legendary weaponE(X)CA (Return of ACE "around" 10)+ LI (51) + BUR (back of RUB("massage")).20  4  
4123 Former lover with ability with mouth and legendary 'weapon' (9)EX CALIBUR (sounds like CALIBRE).20  2  
4152 Was once of a suitable steely character we hear, being King Arthur's protector?EX-CALIBRE…20  1  
443 About to be surrounded, on reflection I left weapon half covered – in stone?I L AXE reversed around C, BURied1.51  3  
4441 Romantic hero pulled this once talent was perceivedOnce = ex, talent = calibre, perceived = homophone indicator1.50  1  
465 Arthur's brand – example of non-fattening western curryArthur's brand=definition [brand=sword]; example=ex.; of non-fattening=one calorie=cal 1; western curry=rub [verb] reversed10  3  
4637 Old dog's a liberal legend, a kingmaker! (9)EX+C(A LIB)UR. Surface is applicable to someone like Ted Kennedy for whom both epithets have been used. Excalibur in a way 'made' Arthur the king.10  1  
4639 One associated with club and axe swung by king?Anag(ind by swung) & lit; (I+CLUB+AXE)+R(king)10 
4645 Stone weapon? No, mythical blade from the same place dividing former state and ancient city. (9)Definition: Stone weapon? No, mythical blade Wordplay: IB (= ibid = from the same place) dividing EX (former) CAL (state) and UR (ancient city)10  1  
5044 Skipping tea, lubricate axe shoddily – what's the point?(lubricate axe – tea) *0.51  1  
5116 Excellent assumed name, not as dog letter might be described like this legendary sword.EXC. + (ALIAS – AS) + BUR bur = sound of r pronounced in the throat; dog letter = r (from its growling sound)00  3  
5126 I curb an axle, like a magic sword in king's hand!Definition: Magic sword of King Arthur… Anagram: I curb axle ( Excalibur )00  5  
5132 Magical blade – former despot disemboweled, slain even with rough edge!Magical blade = definition (blade defined in Chambers as sword as well as cutting edge). EX (former) CA (despot disemboweled: czarina with innards removed) LI (slain even: 2nd and 4th letters) BUR (rough edge)00  3