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Bhalchandra Pasupathy has 13 clues

CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition115.5  
Christmas Special 2020A Christmas List (see instructions) (Anagram)Jazz CDs, Gin, Brie, Scones, Kilt, T Shirt, Apron, Thermos1472  3 
July 2020CAESAREANMain revolutionary taken into custody by an imperialistreversal of SEA(main) inside CARE(custody) + AN; def imperialist(ref Chambers)818.51 
2019 Annual Competition360.5  
Xmas Special 2019Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)Airing open wine to make out with a nicer drinkChampagne = ~champaign(open), def wine / Cointreau = (out a nicer)*, def drink. Ref Chambers10110  1 
2018 Annual Competition109  
Christmas Special 2018TURKEY (STONES) (Wrong Number)Country heading for recession, yet UK rocksdef:country; (R YET UK)*; rocks as anag indicator(v) also meaning stones(n); surface referring to potential fallout from Brexit3373  1 
September 2018JOANNA LUMLEYActress pouring heart out in journal, laymen touched{JOU(r)NAL LAYMEN}* with touched (mad) as anagram indicator5271  1 
August 2018FAIRY/POINT (Right & Left)Fudge in top spot just topped my browniedef=spot(POINT); IN TOP* (fudge=anag. ind.)/def=brownie(FAIRY); FAIR(just)+mY (topped=with top removed). Surface refers to a close finish in a cooking contest135.51  3 
2017 Annual Competition164  
June 2017COLLOP/SURTAX (Right & Left)Business head withdrawing cut, additional charge almost certain to strainCO(business)+LLOP(reversal of POLL=head); def:cut//def:additonal charge; SUR(almost certain=SURe)+TAX(to strain)5234  3 
April 2017CORVUSEndless scorn poured over United following very militant boarding systemSCORn* outside V U (Very/United); Corvus: boarding device in early naval warfare(ref Wiki/GK); topical ref to recent United Airways imbroglio3260  4 
2016 Annual Competition261  
July 2016BANJULELE"Live without working all June?", one frettedBE(live) outside (ALL JUNE)*625.52  1 
May 2016DISMAYEDUpset am I? Yes, extremely disturbed!(AM I YES + D…D)anag. and &lit9210 
2014 Annual Competition145  
March 2014EXCALIBURBeheaded king reportedly bore a legendary swordEX(REX-R: beheaded king) + CALIBUR (~CALIBRE = bore, as in firearms)330.52  2 
February 2014REALITY TVFly-on-the-wall shows generally blend art with levity(art+levity)*431.52  1 
2013 Annual Competition370.5  
March 2013EASTER (Misprint)Skipper's always about when close to portE'ER(ever/always) outside AS(when)+T(last letter of port); def: skipper = (M)ASTER(ship's captain); [all as per Chambers]7200  6