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1.  E. O. Seymour (Gerrards Cross): Ideal place for a rendering of “Thora,” wearing negligee coming back (anag. in mob2 (rev.), & lit.; ref. song by F. E. Wetherly & S. Adams, 1905).

2.  J. W. Bates (Westcliff-on-Sea): Where one may have a full-blooded rendering of “Thora” within an angry crowd standing about outside! (anag. in mob (rev.), & lit.; ref. song by F. E. Wetherly & S. Adams, 1905).

3.  E. L. Mellersh (Enfield): In this enclosure the favourite’s the one to put something on and to get away quickly (cryptic def., i.e. vacate bathroom quickly).

H.C. (extra prizes)

R. B. Adcock: (clue not given).

E. S. Ainley: (clue not given).

C. Allen Baker: (clue not given).

Mrs F. Begg: (clue not given).

J. Cordery: (clue not given).

P. Graystone: (clue not given).

S. B. Green: (clue not given).

F. H. W. Hawes: (clue not given).

L. W. Jenkinson: (clue not given).

G. G. Lawrance: (clue not given).

A. F. Lerrigo: (clue not given).

N. C. Mahony: (clue not given).

F. E. Newlove: (clue not given).

D. A. Nicholls: (clue not given).

R. Postill: (clue not given).

Mrs E. M. Simmonds: (clue not given).

W. K. M. Slimmings: (clue not given).

H. S. Tribe: (clue not given).

J. F. N. Wedge: (clue not given).

H. T. Young: (clue not given).

J. S. Young: (clue not given).


Proxime:—K. Bird, C. E. Gates, S. Goldie, J. O. Hall, F. J. Irons, R. W. Lerrigo, H. Lyon, Sgt L. W. G. Oxley, C. P. Rea, E. W. Richart.
Report:—348 entries. 284 correct. Most trouble was caused by Sibley and clam. The name Sibley (not -ay) is given in a useful work I have called “What Shall We Name The Baby?”! There was a Sibley, I believe, in either “The Farmer’s Wife” or “Yellow Sands.” For the clue to clam see new Chambers’s. The standard of clues sent was very high, my short list reaching nearly 50. Many thanks for all the cards and good wishes, which I greatly appreciate. In response to many kind enquiries, I may, I think, say that I am on the mend, but not 100% set. I hope to keep up monthly competitions on these unavoidably austerer lines. A happy New Year to all solvers!
[Archive note: No slip produced for this competition. Results published in the Observer.]

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