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1.  K. Reed: Freezing or snowing, my Yellowstone Geysers are renowned for a constant supply of purest hot water. Easy terms.—Eli Zinnerwaum, Bath.

2.  M. Woolf: To secure a state of union, I spread “Wigloo” on my wig-lining. Containing purest gum, it never blisters me.

3.  Mrs E. M. Simmonds: Showing my age? laughs Fifi Donc, Star of “Old Glory,”—not me! Strenuous living plus Peptona Purest Parsnip-Juice keeps me youthful!


E. S. AinIey: Cranial expansion? My wig expands with you! State size, & if extremely bald. Easy terms. Ed. Swellyn Products, Ayr.

G. Bowness: Mother: All is known. My G.I. is in a state! Clues found by purest chance in local R.E.M.E. Station. Flossie.

J. G. Burton: Going bald? Harmony Wig Co. Inc. (U.S. 1890) provide least obtrusive restorations. Moderate terms. Sole Agent—A. Coot, Loch Fyne (incorporation of WY).

F. A. Clark: Hangar for hire, fairly roomy—wing span shd. be less than a Dakota’s. Neighbour has key. Moderate terms. Vacant by purest chance. BOX DK4U2C.

D. L. Clements: Trouble mowing your lawn? In a rough state with little grass under the trees? Mow with Rotacutta—this and nothing else! It’s superlative!

W. M. Easther: Re-union of Ex-Indian Land Army: owing to some very slight changes in plan, Officers meet at 6.30, not 7.00

S. Goldie: Remember “Goin’ My Way,” “Happy State,” “Out West”? How about your song? Simplest way to make a hit—submit MS. Treeblatt & Leafbaum.

C. P. Grant: Travel in state by Dakota: roomy wing span ensures superlatively simple journey—makes Atlantic crossing seem trivial!

S. B. Green: Growin’ my way? Booklet free. State present height and age. Terms moderate. Simplest method ever—Prof. G. Raff, Uppingham.

P. J. Higgins: Is your slip showing? My clients learn to state their thoughts unambiguously without the slightest anxiety for moderate terms. I. Mustapha, Coach Inn, Stantleigh.

L. Johnson: Buffalo is here! Order now my gigantic steaks, a superlative variety of pure red meat. You’ll pester me for more! B. Bill, Butcher, Bulminster.

J. P. Lloyd: “Pardon my wig!”—Don’t let it come to that! Try Gertrude’s Home Hair Reviver. Stem root decay now. Very simple to use (Campbell, Gertrude of W.).

A. D. Mitchner: Mowing your lawn? Satisfied users state “O’Hara’s ‘Green Grass’ mower is superlative. This and nothing else for us.” Hire purchase terms available (O’H., Green Grass of W.).

F. E. Newlove: Try “Geyserland” Showrooms (Economy Wing) for the least expensive, most handsome modern heaters—easy on the eye and gas meter. H. & C. Laydon, Bath.

I. W. Phillips: Disillusioned wishes dispose of 1st edns. “Left Wing Myopia” and “The Equality States.” Would exchange for set Meredith or simplest book Ximenes Crossword. Box X-RED.

H. C. Pilley: The state needs cash. In go my wages. Send yours too. You think me stern but it’s simplest—Tax Collector.

F. H. C. Podger: Avoid alimony—wig restores that young look. State size. Very simple terms arranged. Perry Wigs Ltd., Newpate, Glam.

Miss V. R. Pressman: Ladies! You will want one of 48 American models in my gown collection. Purest silk only. Janette, Mayfair, where wise shoppers meet.

Mrs J. Robertson: Growing my way? If not, try my “Green Grass” for novel results—most simple to cultivate. The Verger, Upper Gum-trees. Much Weeding (O’Hara, Green Grass of W.).

W. K. M. Slimmings: Is your lawn in a state? Buy a Makehay Mowing Marvel, most simple to operate: You just steer. Makehay’ll shear.

E. W. Tulloch: My hot water’s flowing, my ‘State’ range is glowing. Buy only this heater. Discard the gas meter. Instate a ‘State’.

P. W. Twining: Why owe short-term State call money in dollars, now my gilt-edged stock is available? Superlatively simple terms—B. A. Straddler, E. C. 2 (Wyo).

E. Wainwright: Venus: Let us go in my wain. It offers us a state of purest delight to steer midst the milky way for ever. Charles.

K. V. Whiting: John B.—Scheme ripening, your Uncle’s state mellowing, my share secured, all rest mentioned in will, suggest old lace offers simplest solution now.—Bill.

J. S. Young: Goin’ my way? Then you’ll travel in state. Knight’s Tours Ltd. make it superlatively simple. Moderate terms.


F. Allanson, J. F. A. Archer, F. A. J. Armstrong, C. A. Baker, F. R. Ball, E. H. F. Bratcher, J. F. B. Bunting, Dr A. Cannison, E. Cartmel, G. H. Clarke, A. H. Cockayne, G. H. S. Crosby, W. Darby, P. A. Davenport, J. M. Davies, N. L. Davies, F. E. Dixon, H. H. Elliott, R. Finlayson, A. P. French, Mrs J. O. Fuller, P. Glennie-Smith, Rev J. G. Graham, R. R. Greenfield, G. K. Grigg, B. A. Gunner, D. Hawson, R. H. Hearn, T. Heath, J. Hooper, J. G. Hull, E. M. Furnival Jones, C. Koop, R. Laurence, Mrs J. H. C. Lawlor, G. G. Lawrance, R. H. Lemon, C. J. Lowe, R. Lumley, Miss J. S. Lumsden, H. Lyon, E. L. Mellersh, T. W. Melluish, J. P. Mernagh, D. P. M. Michael, C. J. Morse, D. Murray, M. Newman, C. J. Oberst, A. P. O’Leary, Rev E. B. Peel, Mrs D. M. Pittman, H. W. W. Pollitt, Mrs M. G. Porter, R. Postill, H. Rainger, P. B. Randel, D. W. Reeds, H. Ingram Rees, A. Rivlin, C. S. Roberts, Mrs L. M. Robertson, A. Robins, W. E. C. Robins, A. J. C. Saunders, I. F. Scott, W. M. Sewell, Mrs I. G. Smith, A. J. Souter, L. T. Stokes, F. B. Stubbs, Dr M. Swete, C. Theophilus, F. L. Usher, J. E. Ward, Mrs C. Whyman, B. G. J. Wood.

COMMENTS—530 correct in largest entry since No. 90 in November, 1948, and fourth largest ever. Very few mistakes, nearly all over LEMNIAN. Many entries spoilt by disregarding condition that mixtures begin with beginning or end with end of a word: many clues much too long. I’m glad it was so popular: no room for more.

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