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1.  R. J. Hooper: Dogberry’s role: —— errors led astray? (comp. anag. & lit.; ref. constable in Much Ado…).

2.  E. M. Hornby: Bobby has oblong eye, allowing those odd characters to escape (alternate letters).

3.  T. Anderson: I’m perverse spirit disturbing minor issue (go (rev.) in by, & lit.).


Mrs A. Boyes: What makes ghastly start in youth? (g in boy, & lit.).

C. O. Butcher: Scratch runner in fabulous shape (3 mngs.; S. = the devil; one who runs in).

E. Chalkley: What John becomes when joining the yard? (bog + y, & lit.; john = WC).

C. A. Clarke: A frightening word applied to effigy not fit for children (bo + g(U)y, & lit.).

R. Dean: I’ve flat feet, but with twice the acceleration I’d be like Marsh (bog(g)y; ref. Rodney M., cricketer).

C. J. Feetenby: I could put an end to law-breaking in a lad (g in boy, & lit.).

J. A. Fincken: A scary sound … midnight … what will give you a start? (bo + g + y, & lit.).

G. B. Greer: Slough and Henley’s close view of Concorde – coming from direction of Kingston (bog + y; ref. Bishop of K.).

N. Hankins: Unpleasant character rising around middle of night? (g in yob (rev.), & lit.).

A. Hodgson: Life study – no oil ingredients used – Constable perhaps? (biology less anag.).

J. G. Hull: Bug left when oleic tar solvent used in bacteriology evaporates (comp. anag.).

J. R. Kirby: You can get run in by recklessly upsetting me (go (rev.) in by, & lit.).

F. P. N. Lake: Look one up, – you won’t find it in natural science (biology less lo I (rev.), & lit.; i.e. supernatural).

J. H. C. Leach: I’m troubled by God, endlessly (anag. less d, & lit.).

D. P. M. Michael: Frightening sound! Middle of night! Yard supplying copper (bo + g + y).

C. J. Morse: Fare rises, having all round multiplied into something terrifying (go (rev.) in by).

D. S. Nagle: He might be busy when the game’s up for you and me (go (rev.) for us in busy, & lit.).

F. E. Newlove: Poker fiend (2 mngs.).

D. B. Oaten: Bobby, frightful name socks go by (anag., 2 defs.).

F. R. Palmer: What frightens a child, ends in harming psychologically (bo + g y, & lit.).

C. P. Rea: Scratch golfer’s lead following round in a score no-one touched (O + g, all in by; S. = the devil).

H. R. Sanders: The game’s up – found breaking and entering by a copper! (go (rev.) in by).

W. J. M. Scotland: Hob, Mephisto, bug, bobby. All terms for —— (last letters & lit.).

W. K. M. Slimmings: Zip heavenward, in an unimpeded progression? Surely he wouldn’t (go (rev.) in by).

G. A. Tomlinson: With grim head, nasty end obscene might give an edgy body nightmares (comp. anag. & lit.).

P. J. Woods: What scares Azed’s neighbours? Possibly first signs of Observer guy dropping in! (O g in B Y (next to A Z)).


M. Adams, C. Allen Baker, S. Armstrong, E. W. Ball, A. G. Bogie, Rev C. M. Broun, E. J. Burge, K. Campbell, P. R. Clemow, M. Coates, G. H. S. Crosby, R. G. Crosland, A. L. Dennis, H. F. Dixon, P. Drummond, B. Franco, A. L. Freeman, M. A. Furman, S. Goldie, D. V. Harry, Mrs D. Herbert, Mrs E. J. Holmes, W. Jackson, A. H. Jones, G. Jones, R. E. Kimmons, A. D. Legge, H. R. Lockhart, C. J. Lowe, H. MacRae, D. F. Manley, H. S. Mason, E. J. Miller, C. G. Millin, J. D. Moore, R. J. Palmer, S. L. Paton, A. J. Redstone, E. R. Riddle, Rear Adm W. T. C. Ridley, W. Rodgers, L. G. D. Sanders, D. A. Smith, Brig R. F. E. Stoney, F. B. Stubbs, J. B. Sweeting, P. J. Wagstaffe, J. Webster, D. B. Wedmore, M. Woolf, B. A. Wright.

1. F. R. Palmer (3 prizes, 6 VHCs); 2. C. J. Morse (1, 8); 3. G. B. Greer (2, 5); 4 (equal). C. 0. Butcher (2, 4), D. F. Manley (1, 6), W. K. M. Slimmings (1, 6); 7 (equal). J. A. Fincken (0, 6), D. V. Harry (2, 2), J. R. Kirby (1, 4), C. G. Millin (1, 4), R. J. Palmer (1, 4); 12 (equal). T. Anderson (2, 1), C. Allen Baker (0, 5), R. Dean (0, 5), A. L. Dennis (0, 5), S. Goldie (0, 5), F. B. Stubbs (0, 5), D. C. Williamson (2, 1); 19 (equal). F. D. Gardiner (2, 0), Rev. C. M. Broun (1, 2), A. J. Crow (1, 2), A. J. Bulman (0, 4), R. S. Caffyn (0, 4), E. Chalkley (0, 4), Mrs. M. P. Craine (0, 4), R. J. Hooper (1, 2), W. Jackson (0, 4), Mrs. N. Jarman (0, 4), R. E. Kimmons (0, 4), D. P. M. Michael (0, 4), T. E. Sanders (0, 4), G. A. Tomlinson (0, 4). Consolation prizes to J. A. Fincken, C. Allen Baker, R. Dean, A. L. Dennis, S. Goldie, F. B. Stubbs.

510 entries and virtually no mistakes. A good close competition, giving ample evidence that a short word can often be full of opportunities. The most interesting correlation of meaning was the double connection with ‘scratch’ which with a capital means the devil and without relates to a zero handicap in golf (cf. BOGEY). A number of the better clues submitted assumed that ‘bogy’ (or ‘bogey’) and scratch are synonymous. After much cogitation I came to the conclusion that this is not true. Even if it were not for the fact that on any particular hole bogy can be higher than par, I don’t think the two words are used in precisely the same way. ‘Scratch’ is either an adjective (as in ‘a Scratch player’) or, as a noun, means the starting-point for a non-handicap player. ‘Bogy’ is the score itself. I do play golf, so I’m not thrashing about in completely unknown territory, though I confess that for me par figures are depressingly rare.
As a ‘quarrelsome whale’ type clue, Mr. Hooper’s would be hard to better, I think. It is brief, witty, and accurate without being at all obvious. Full marks. I’m only sorry the Observer made his blank look like a dash. It was the old problem of trying to explain on the telephone what is so much easier to lay out in print. Apologies also to Mrs. Boyes and (twice) to Mr. Dean for garbling their names.
Yet another supreme champion if you (and he) will pardon the Cruftsian terminology. Many congratulations to him and to his close rivals – indeed to everyone who regularly competes. Many of you are mentioned rarely or never, but still keep coming back for more, nothing daunted. This pleases me tremendously. But one thing puzzles me. Where have all the ladies gone? Too busy winning Mastermind, perhaps!


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