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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
622 Apr 1984SIMP Printer’s Devilry 27


Competition 622’s average clue lengths over 27 clues:

42 letters per clue (3 below the archive average, and equal to the average for Printer’s Devilry competitions)

9.5 words per clue (0.1 below the archive average, and 0.5 above the average for Printer’s Devilry competitions)


Longest clues (the 7th longest Printer’s Devilry clues in the archive)

Once I’d discovered the A.P.R., I lazed; was plain idle – s/et us to give it one hundred per cent!

70 letters, 21 words, by Dr R. Liddle


‘Home Secretary maintains Metropolitan Police for m/artial law enforcement’ (agency)

70 letters, 10 words, by C. A. Clarke


Shortest clue (the 4th shortest Printer’s Devilry clue in the archive)

‘Alert! Wa/r events’ – Extra

19 letters, 4 words, by E. J. Burge


Competition 622 has contributed 29 unique words to the clue archive:

C. Allen BakerAdams
S. GoldieAerial
Dr E. YoungAnoxia
M. Freemanastounded
W. J. M. ScotlandBag’s
Dr E. Youngbanquet
V. G. Hendersonbiggest
M. W. Knightcaddish
M. Freemancatchers
R. Braincategory
W. J. M. Scotlandcha
W. J. M. ScotlandCripes
L. J. Davenportdeceived
T. J. MooreyDiner’s
C. A. Clarkeenforcement
D. R. Robinsongulling
Mrs F. A. Blanchardjoker
M. Freemankeepers
Dr R. Liddlelazed
B. Manvellmannerry
S. Goldiemended
C. A. ClarkeMetropolitan
G. Johnstonenuzzled
D. F. Manleyrarest
Dr E. Youngrevolving
W. J. M. Scotlandsniffs
C. G. Millinstripper
W. J. M. Scotlandt’oolong
V. G. Hendersonvine