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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2395 May 2018PURITANISM normal 26


Competition 2395’s average clue lengths over 26 clues:

52 letters per clue (7 above the archive average, and 5 above the average for 10-letter words)

10.1 words per clue (0.5 above the archive average, and 0.4 above the average for 10-letter words)


Longest clue (the 6th longest normal clue in the archive)

Anti-establishment movement with beginnings in underground pamphlets, invective signed ‘Martin’ getting distributed

100 letters, 12 words, by B. Lovering


Shortest clue (the 752nd shortest normal clue in the archive)

One repressed, prim aunt’s bent?

25 letters, 5 words, by T. C. Borland


Competition 2395 has contributed 35 unique words to the clue archive:

P. Tharbyanathema
B. LoveringAnti-establishment
Dr J. BurscoughArminius
V. Dixonathletically
T. J. Mooreybelieving
R. GilbertBunyan
L. Wardcourtroom
M. BarnesCrucible
R. Gilbertequivocal
Dr S. J. ShawFramework
D. F. ManleyGod-driven
T. Ruddhandbag
R. Gilbertinfluenced
B. Loveringinvective
L. WardIronside
J. C. Leylandlied
R. GilbertMilton
Mrs A. M. Waldenmorality
J. Grimesnaturism
B. Loveringpamphlets
Dr J. Burscoughpietist
P. W. Marlowpontificating
Dr J. Burscoughprecept
Dr P. W. Nashprecepts
J. C. Leylandprofessing
C. G. MillinProtestantism
P. Tharbyrelationships
T. C. Borlandrepressed
P. TharbyRoyalists
P. Tharbysame-sex
V. Dixonself-control
M. Barleyseverity
J. C. Leylandsilenced
L. WardTrundling
Dr P. W. Nashturnips