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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2376 Xmas 2017SOW(PIASTRE)ENS Christmas Pudding 22


Competition 2376’s average clue lengths over 22 clues:

56 letters per clue (11 above the archive average)

10.2 words per clue (0.6 above the archive average)


Longest clue (the longest Christmas Pudding clue in the archive)

Surely our weakened PM is actively seeking terms re ensuring European nationals’ security primarily?

85 letters, 14 words, by J. G. Booth


Shortest clue (the shortest Christmas Pudding clue in the archive)

Ian’s tree’s lit up after a wee drammie

30 letters, 8 words, by D. Harrison


Competition 2376 has contributed 18 unique words to the clue archive:

R. J. Healdbarnyard
R. J. PalmerBoy-child’s
D. F. Manleydevoured
D. Harrisondrammie
J. G. Boothensuring
Mrs A. M. Waldenevaporate
D. F. Manleyglutton
V. Dixonidentity
J. G. Boothnationals
Dr J. BurscoughNativity’s
Ms S. Wallaceplentiful
A. & J. Calderrap
D. K. Arnottsnigger
W. Dreversnows
R. C. Teutontruffles
J. G. Boothweakened
G. H. WillettWenceslas’s
Ms S. Wallaceworshippers