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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
94 Jan 1949SARDELLE normal19


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstG. G. LawranceFrench Chamber divided—over a confounded red herring by the look of it!anag. in salle (Fr.)
SecondT. W. MelluishFrench Chamber split by diversion of red herringanag. in salle (Fr.)
ThirdA. RobinsIn Hansard Ellen Wilkinson used to refer to overcrowding by a more familiar namehidden; sardine; Labour Min. of Education, d. 1947
HCC. Allen BakerRed Sea flounders (about two pounds)—a fine substitute for herringL, L in anag.
HCD. AmblerThe stone she found in Paris is no great catch compared with her wedding ringsard, elle (Fr.); her ring; [see comments]
HCE. J. BellToo small a fry to be quoted in Hansard (Ellen Wilkinson notwithstanding)hidden; E. W., Lab. Minister, was a small woman
HCD. L. L. ClarkeLads, reel in the herring: it looks 44 inches longer than a sardineanag.; i.e. ell for in. in sardine; ell = 1¼ yd. in contemporary ed. of C.
HCG. E. DenyerSeine issue? Left-wing manoeuvre has split the French Chamberanag. of red in salle (Fr.); seine = net
HCMrs N. FisherFish and chips sell, dearanag.
HCS. GoldieThis fish should find it easy to get in and out of Dardanellesanag. of Dar(dan)elles
HCJ. H. GrummittAs the chef said when he cut off its tail and felt the roe!i.e. “’s ’ard—’ell!”
HCP. A. HarrowRadical change in the French Chamber gives food for thoughtanag. of red in salle (Fr.)
HCH. C. HillsGive her French chalcedony for her wedding ringsard, elle (Fr.); her ring [see comments]
HCMrs L. JarmanHeadless widow found in sea, with extremity missing: her wedding ring’s a clue(B)ardell in se(a); ref. Mrs. Bardell, Pickwick; her ring; [see comments]
HCMrs M. E. JenkinsFish found in and out of the Dardanellesanag. of Dar(dan)elles
HCR. W. KillickSavoyard loses his heart to her, so he says; gets her ring before being splicedSa(voya)rd, elle (Fr.); her ring spliced = herring [see comments]
HCA. McIntyreOne of the herring-volk from the Dardanelles, disabled and verbotenanag. of Dardanelles less anag. of and
HCA. E. NorthFish whose tail turns back for more than a yard is apt to get all tangled up in reedsi.e. ending in ell (rev.); anag. of all reeds
HCJ. WaltonLike her ring? One piece, a red cornelian. Quite a good bit of jewellerysard + (jew)elle(ry) ; i.e. her ring in one piece = herring [see comments]

Runners-Up in competition 94:

A. H. AllenderJ. F. DowE. L. MellershJ. E. Simpson-Jones
Dr S. H. AtkinsE. G. DurhamR. J. MunningsJ. A. Skehan
Maj P. S. BainesW. EiteF. E. NewloveW. K. M. Slimmings
C. A. BeecheyK. A. FellowsRev E. B. PeelA. H. Taylor
R. D. BinnieA. R. FraserE. G. PhillipsJ. Templeton
Rev L. BlackburnMiss J. FraserH. J. PhillipsJ. Thompson
H. W. BristerS. B. GreenH. C. PilleyL. W. Titman
H. ChownC. B. JoynerH. RaingerSir R. Walton
F. A. ClarkC. KoopF. H. SeeleyJ. E. Ward
A. F. ColesMrs MagruderE. O. SeymourMiss A. Westrup