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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
538 May 1959BANISHING normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstB. J. IliffeHe that prigs what isn’t hisn in bag rightly gets this!anag. & lit.; prig3
SecondMrs W. J. MahoodExpelling, initially, the Northern Ireland Government is what Siobhan wants—so ill-disposed, a “Small World” has been droppedanag. of Siobhan + N I G, less O (= small world); ref. controversial comments of actress S. McKenna in television interview
ThirdR. PostillUncle contrived Hamlet’s exit being involved in poisoning. (If doubtful, see W.S.!)ish in baning (= poisoning, Shak.); ref. Claudius in Hamlet; W.S. = Shakespeare and Writer to Signet; see ish in C.
HCR. N. ChignellHis being seen fuddled in disorderly Inn in the embrace of a number of birds could mean expulsionanag. in anag., all in bag; game bag
HCG. H. DicksonI get a move on with the Big Noise around giving marching ordersI shin in bang
HCDr W. M. EastherBack at the wicket, whacking about and driving awayin (rev.) in bashing
HCC. E. GatesIt’s enforced retirement for the first person with a shin damaged in a collisionanag. + I, all in bang; ref. Brendan McNally’s broken shin in 1959 Cup Final
HCS. B. GreenI get a move on—the big noise is going around, giving the sack!I shin in bang
HCJ. G. HullBing and Shani harmonising and proclaiming “Go, Man, Go,” perhapsanag.; ref. B. Crosby, S. Wallis
HCMrs L. JarmanFirst essential when putting Napoleon I—“Bony-part”—in the bagN(apoleon) + I + shin, in bag, & lit.; ref. N.’s exiles
HCA. LawrieGetting rid of prohibition I shelebrate!ban I ‘shing’
HCMrs E. McFeeWay of dealing with undesirable drunk—nab his gin!anag.
HCT. W. MelluishIncluded in strike, I kick. But it means expulsionI shin in bang
HCC. J. MorseRelegation’s a heavy blow, involving the ego—the footballer’s most vulnerable spot!I shin in bang
HCS. L. PatonWhat’s the bouncer for?—putting an end to innings!2 defs., i.e. doorman, getting out; ref. cricket
HCT. C. PerksI shine mostly in the square cut and off-drivingI shin(e) in bang2
HCG. PerryBeing thrown out from bar, I croon drunkenly, “Not enough brandy about an’ running out of Scotch too!”ban I ‘shing’, an’ + ish in bing(o)
HCH. RotterI must have quiet at home—there’s a lot of noise about—I’m giving notice to quit!I sh! in in bang
HCH. R. SandersCircumscription by big noise of liberty of going out and inish + in in bang & lit.
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsWilfully forgetting prohibition, I celebrate alcoholically!ban I ‘shing’
HCH. S. TribeBidding away, I climb into a slamI shin in bang; ref. bridge
HCJ. F. N. WedgeI climb in suddenly, driving off in a huffI shin in bang (= abruptly, adv.)
HCMrs M. WishartGorgon’s head ends up decomposed in ash-bin—suitable treatment for unsavoury objectanag. + G(orgon)

Runners-Up in competition 538:

Lt Col P. S. BainesMrs N. FisherP. H. MorganMrs E. M. Simmonds
C. Allen BakerF. D. GardinerF. E. NewloveR. E. Stephens
B. A. BaylissE. GomersallDr W. D. OliverL. T. Stokes
Rev C. M. BrownA. W. GrahamB. G. PalmerMiss D. W. Taylor
C. O. ButcherL. G. HemmingsE. G. PhillipsJ. Thompson
E. C. CapleF. G. IllingworthW. J. PlumbH. T. R. Twyford
Miss K. M. ChingV. JenningsE. J. RackhamCapt C. Tyers
P. R. ClemowA. H. JonesMr & Mrs A. RivlinG. C. West
P. M. CoombsE. A. JonesMrs J. RobertsonC. E. Williams
A. L. DennisG. KirschW. RodgersR. Wilson
J. H. DingwallJ. P. LesterT. E. Sanders 
F. E. DixonE. L. MellershE. O. Seymour