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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
47 Mar 1947GLOCKENSPIEL normal20


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. W. MelluishSounds like Bellman’s or Ringwood’s instrument—especially after clog-danceanag. of clog + ‘kens Peel’; ref. song ‘John Peel’, “Ranter and Ringwood and Bellman and True”
SecondS. B. GreenInstrument for peeling locks (with or without keys)anag.
ThirdP. H. TaylorInstrument for peeling locks—keys or no keysanag.
HCH. ChownIncluded in Irving (Berlin) repertoire?i.e. Glocken Spiel (Ger.) = bells play; ref. ‘The Bells’, noted success of Henry I., actor; I. Berlin, composer;
HCB. C. DaviesSounds as if the General (who’s about 50) knows the sound of this, and of John’s hornL in GOC + kens + ‘peal’ and ‘Peel’; ref. song ‘John Peel’
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonYou may get sick of this instrument and its long peelanag. of sick, long, peel
HCJ. M. DoultonSloping cleek? An instrument for bell-play, perhaps, but not for ball-play!anag.; Ger. for bell-play; golf club
HCM. EbbageMusical “Rape of the Sleeping Lock”anag.; ref. “The Rape of the Lock”, A. Pope
HCE. H. EvansStrike me! Sound results from simply sloping cleek obliquely!anag., golf club
HCL. E. EyresInstrument which always has a lock, but not always a keycryptic def.; lock hidden
HCG. A. HornsbySuitable instrument for spread of Lincke gospelanag.; Paul L., composer
HCF. P. HusseyThe playing of bells results in disturbed sleeping when the lock is on the insidelock in anag.
HCMrs M. KoopHit on the right way of spelling ecko—you can make it sound as a bellanag.
HCR. MacleodNosegay of College pinks, not necessarily for the Master of Caiusanag.; ref. Cambridge college pron. ‘keys’
HCA. M. OsmundBars but no beer in the “Ring o’ Bells”wooden bars of g.
HCMrs Partridge“The Bells” as played by Berlin (not Irving)i.e. Glocken Spiel (Ger.) = bells play; ref. ‘The Bells’, noted success of Henry I., actor; I. Berlin, composer
HCRev E. B. PeelInstrument giving a blurred ecko (extremely wild spelling)anag.
HCR. C. ReevesPercussion instrument which produces a muffled “clonk” in the finale of Till Eulenspiegelanag. of clonk, spiegel
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsMight be used for a fantasia on “Gospel Bells,” if the bells were nickeli.e. anag. of gospel, nickel
HCJ. F. SmithPlayed by Teddy at the Braunhaus?cryptic def.; ref. T. Brown, xylophonist, d.1946; Nazi Party HQ, Munich

No Runners-Up in competition 47