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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
23 Apr 1946HICATEE normal16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstO. Carlton SmithI took a deep breath and came in front of puss with easehi (aspirated ‘I’) cat ‘Es’; puss = hare; ref. fable of hare and tortoise
SecondF. A. Clark“I teach English spelling reform.” “In a word, you’ve taught us phonetically”anag. of I teach E; ‘taught us’ = tortoise
ThirdC. B. JoynerIn a Hydropathic a teetotaller naturally takes the waterhidden
HCP. J. ChubbWere there golfers among the Romans in the testudo? Anyway, this one had a teehic (= this, L.) a tee; testudo (L.) = tortoise
HCH. S. FieldenThe Catherine turns turtle when deserted by the Royal Navyanag. less RN
HCS. B. GreenFresh-water addict showing sign of inebriation after one small peg? Preposterous!hic! a tee; preposterous = inverted
HCC. D. HallowsWas the caddy slow, or had the golfer lunched too well?i.e. ‘hic! a tee’; slow like a tortoise
HCA. Y. JessimanFor use at the Lord Mayor’s banquet, heat, add ice and stiranag. of heat ice; turtle soup traditionally served at L.M.’s banquet
HCMrs F. M. LaingTaught us by ear—i.e. teach differentlyanag.; ‘tortoise’
HCC. R. MalcolmThese hundred Romans in testudo formation stand at ease!hi (= these, L.) C at ‘Es’; testudo (L.) = tortoise
HCT. E. SandersHeat ice to make a specimen of fresh-wateranag. of heat ice
HCMiss G. Savory“He taught us here,” said the Mock Turtle “in Latin.” “And at ease, I hope.” said Alice, kindlyhic (= here, L.) at ‘Es’; ref. Alice in Wonderland, ch. 9, “We called him the tortoise because he taught us”
HCJ. C. W. SpringbettHare was beaten by the ace I served, but it was not at Wimbledonanag. of the ace I; ref. Charles Hare, fable of hare and tortoise
HCFlt Lt P. H. TaylorOn exploding H.E.’s, oddly enough, a shell and its contents remain quite wholeanag. of aitch ee
HCH. D. WakelyCaesar’s here with a sand emplacement for a testudohic (= here, L.) a tee; testudo (L.) = tortoise
HCI. WishartInebriated tortoise’s request for a peg?hic! a tee

No Runners-Up in competition 23