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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
20 Mar 1946NIERSTEINER normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMaj A. H. GilesThis may be still escaping by the route through the long Rhine Valley bottleneckcryptic def.; i.e. still wine; ref. POWs, etc.
SecondW. J. B. WhittleLook on the wine when it’s white; then try to invoke the nearest diner!‘nearsht-’iner’
ThirdR. C. MacfarlaneDisordered kidneys lead to entire change in choice of wineanag. of reins + anag.
HCE. P. BarrettWine, simply vinted by mixing resin with porter as delivered from the breweryanag. of resin, entire
HCCapt P. M. CoombsAlthough control’s back on one type of hock (uniced), you can get this varietyrein (rev.) + Stein(berg)er; ref. rationing
HCCdr H. H. L. Dickson, RNWine manufacturer takes one over the eight and retiresanag. of nine, retires
HCP. A. HallThe eccentric Sir R. Stephen French is bottledanag. of Sir R. Étienne
HCS. HolgateRein back at first, and steer round in the end. Got a bad hock?rein (rev.) + in in steer
HCA. HoskinNot Moselle, though it may be seen in Trieranag.
HCMrs L. JarmanIf a hock’s laid open, it can be roughly set between twisted reinsanag. of set in two anags. of rein
HCC. KoopSomething expressed as light, and still capable of making Einstein erranag.; i.e. previously pressed; light, still wine
HCM. W. LowryWhen I bring the entrée in, sir, will you get out the wine?anag.
HCR. MacleodThe entire resin content could go into a wine-bottleanag.
HCT. E. SandersRents in Eire are enough to make one drinkanag.
HCMrs SimpsonDrink that made the ’90s erranag. of nineties err
HCF. L. UsherAre rents in Eire adjusted ad hoc in the black market? No, it’s still whiteanag.; still white wine; pun on ‘Hock’
HCRev A. E. WynneThis German internee, Sir, is drunk and disorderly!anag.

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