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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
198 Jul 1952THIRD normal13


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. R. GreenfieldRiding used to be a cheap method of travel: now it’s a pastime for highbrows3 mngs.; Riding = one third; 3rd class carriage; BBC Third Programme
SecondF. G. IllingworthThe way most of our people train, it’s simply no use trying the 1500 metres!2 mngs.; 3rd class carriage; wavelength of BBC Light (i.e. not Third) Programme
ThirdS. GoldieIf you get the bird, you need not be upset—this programme doesn’t suit all tastesthe bird less be (rev.); BBC Third Programme
HCC. Allen BakerWhen one plays gooseberry, one should get the bird—and then be turned out!the bird less be (rev.); third wheel
HCF. A. ClarkTo follow most of this—take a degree!thi(s) + r + d, & lit.; BBC Third programme
HCA. B. GardnerOnly a minority can achieve a degree involving a very stiff viva2 defs.; stiff viva = third degree
HCS. B. GreenNot even a runner-up ? This time you may be lucky!2 mngs; place, time lucky
HCF. E. NewloveDegree of heat used in grilling (but not over the Primus!)cryptic def.; third degree
HCE. J. RackhamComing in after 2? You should get the bird and be turned out!the bird less be (rev.)
HCF. B. StubbsThe degree of heat turned on in the coolercryptic def.; third degree
HCH. S. TribeClass of traveller who, first, will get the bird—then be turned outthe bird less be (rev.) & lit.
HCE. W. TullochThis man was chased through a sewer and found in a field behind the gully2 mngs. of Third Man; ref. 1949 film; cricket
HCM. WoolfMcDonald Bailey was inclined to be serious about the 200 metrescryptic def.; ref. McD. B., third in 1952 Olympics and wavelength of BBC Third Programme

Runners-Up in competition 198:

H. BernardC. C. M. GiffinC. J. MorseE. O. Seymour
D. L. L. ClarkeR. J. HallN. J. ReedA. E. Sharp
B. G. H. CleggH. T. E. HoneG. E. RiceW. K. M. Slimmings
P. M. CoombsMrs L. JarmanW. RodgersP. H. Taylor
J. DonovanJ. Hardie KeirJ. W. RossJ. Thomas
L. E. EyresC. KoopT. E. SandersJ. Vallely
J. A. FinckenMrs J. H. C. LawlorMiss R. L. Saw