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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
115 Oct 1949MISNOMER normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. P. M. MichaelResult of getting wrong first answer to Catechism is me!anag. of N or M is me, and lit.; ref. C of E Catechism, “Q: What is your name? A: N. or M.”
SecondF. E. NewloveClement (in whom is no mercy) makes an example of me and gives me a hidinghidden; example of m.
ThirdH. J. HowellsDeceptive title like “Mousetrap”—presented by a son in mime before a kinganag. of son in mime + R; Hamlet III.2.237
HCD. ConnellRevolutionary signs in the Soviet Union. Joe called yellow—boy executed as an exampleomens in mir1; Joe = 4d., yellow-boy = gold coin; Joseph Stalin
HCA. B. GardnerPut on to simmer, stirring gently; then as in “Jerusalem Artichokes” (q.v.)anag.; m. for ‘girasole’, see artichoke in C.
HCS. B. GreenSaint, perhaps, in whom is no merithidden and lit.; ref. ‘Saint’ books by L. Charteris
HCMrs L. JarmanConceivably a Roland for an Oliver, but definitely not an eye for an eyecryptic def.; ref. paragons in ‘The Song of Roland’
HCR. H. LemonWhat is my name? The answer you’ll get from me is N. or M.—but that isn’t my right nameanag.; ref. C of E Catechism
HCJ. P. LloydThe wrong brand! Can’t you find me Minors for a change?anag.; cigarette brand
HCT. A. MartinMinors disagree with me—it’s the wrong brandanag.; cigarette brand
HCMiss M. MasonMiscalling a slam is no meritorious take-outhidden; ref. bridge
HCT. W. MelluishFalse denomination deriving from immersion without the head being worried about?anag. less i; baptism
HCD. G. C. MockridgeWrong answer given in the Catechism—M. is N.—and it gets more confused afterwards!M is N + anag. of more; ref. C of E Catechism
HCC. J. MorseA wrong name given in baptism is no mere triflehidden
HCJ. J. MulliganAs seen in the Mons retreat in a sea of mud, the “Contemptible Army” was a noted oneanag. of Mons mire; ref. Kaiser’s description of British Expeditionary Force in WW1
HCJ. RileyHarpagon stores even his name, and gives a wrong onenom (Fr.) in miser: ref. Molière, ‘L’Avare’ (The Miser)
HCW. O. RobertsonHow a man of Aberdeen, turning into a miser, got a bad namemon (rev.) in miser
HCMiss R. Saw“N. or M. is me!” says the child. Let’s hope his godparents did not make a muddle of itanag.; ref. C of E Catechism
HCJ. ThompsonFaulty calling: it disregards the spade conventioncryptic def.; ‘call a spade a spade’; ref. bridge
HCD. L. TuckettAn invalid baptism? Result of incomplete immersion!anag. less i
HCH. A. UpwardIncomplete immersion, maybe, for baptismanag. less i

Runners-Up in competition 115:

K. W. AndrewsL. E. EyresR. W. LerrigoH. Rainger
G. BownessDr J. N. FellDr M. MartinD. W. Reeds
H. W. BristerMrs N. FisherR. MillsW. C. Stanley
D. L. L. ClarkeMrs J. O. FullerP. M. NeweyMrs A. L. Stevenson
Rev H. J. CreesH. C. HillsA. C. NorfolkM. A. Vernon
J. L. CrosbyL. W. JenkinsonRev E. B. PeelJ. B. Widdowson
R. V. DawsonC. B. JoynerG. PerryW. D. Wigley
F. E. DixonG. G. LawranceR. PostillL. C. Wright