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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
90 Nov 1948ROTHER normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. P. M. MichaelStream of abuse to describe a bête noire?3 mngs.; river; black cattle variety
SecondCapt C. TyersIn bed and progressing, though a mutilated remnant is all that’s left of heranag. of ort + her; river-bed
ThirdW. O. RobertsonThe right of the King to represent the lower classr o’ the R; epithet for low-er; cattle variety
HCE. S. AinleyTake a second flower from a Sussex spring roser other; River R.
HCC. Allen BakerRoaring like bulls, both sides break off relations(b)rother(s)
HCMaj P. S. BainesIn due course East passes Robert’s bridge contract and South doubles, making a wry mouth to declarercryptic def.; i.e. Robertsbridge, ‘Rye’, on course of river in Sussex
HCW. J. EmersonUnquestionably affluent, its banks’ fat deposits are even referred to by Shakespeare. (T. of A.)IV.3, “lards the rother’s sides”; affluent = inflowing stream
HCR. FraserReminting of the gold sovereign is restricted by the banksanag. of the or R; river
HCC. B. JoynerPerennial flower of some kind or other, useful for a borderhidden; flower = river; border of Kent and Sussex
HCF. E. NewloveLike the herd “winding slowly o’er the lea,” and breaking into a run together!i.e. Arun (river of Sussex); ref. Gray’s Elegy
HCI. J. NicholasThe head of the table up north is reduced by the bacon cut to roaring for waterRother(ham) in 3rd Div. North, football
HCG. H. PodmoreRoaring river, a bit turbulent with explosive liquidanag. of ort + HE + r (liquid consonant)
HCJ. RileyThro’ East Riding tortuously makes its way to the seaanag. incl. E.R.; Yorkshire river [see comments]
HCT. E. SandersYorkshire’s tribute to the Don—given a ham at meetingRother(ham); tributary of River Don
HCA. J. C. SaundersLowing to be encountered twice in coming thro’ the Rye!hidden; two rivers R. and Rye in Sussex; song ‘Loch Lomond’
HCMrs E. ShackletonEncountered in “Coming thro’ the Rye”? Certainly comes pretty near!hidden; river R. and Rye in Sussex; song ‘Loch Lomond’
HCJ. E. Simpson-JonesMy bête noire horned in somehow or other, curse herhidden, rot her; black cattle variety

Runners-Up in competition 90:

D. AmblerMrs FullerMrs MallinsonE. B. Stevens
M. A. AndersonS. B. GreenA. R. McInroyL. Stone
S. AshworthG. M. GwynnT. W. MelluishA. H. Taylor
A. G. BartonG. H. L. HarpurD. S. MilfordMiss D. W. Taylor
F. B. BourdillonD. HawsonD. G. C. MockridgeP. H. Taylor
H. J. CapeH. C. HillsG. M. NeighbourJ. Templeton
H. P. ChubbMrs HollandD. A. NichollsE. Wagstaff
F. L. ConstableMiss JenkinsA. NorrisE. Wainwright
F. S. DanksC. KoopA. P. O’LearyMiss Walsh
W. EiteMrs LaingE. G. PhillipsJ. F. N. Wedge
E. E. EvansSir P. LairdR. PostillJ. B. Welman
Dr FellL. J. H. LediardH. Rainger 
K. A. FellowsR. W. LerrigoW. K. M. Slimmings 
A. C. FentonMrs LockleyG. Stanhope-Lovell