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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
80 Jul 1948GONERIL normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstT. W. MelluishIgnore fifty being disbanded? Father couldn’t; she wasanag. incl. L; Lear I.4.291 “fifty of my followers at a clap”
SecondCdr H. H. L. DicksonBedevilled girl with half a throneanag. incl. (thr)one, and Lit.
ThirdH. J. HowellsShe offers her royal father nothing, in a disturbed reign, but a following of fifty0 in anag. + L; Lear I.4.291 “fifty of my followers at a clap”
HCD. L. ClementsHere’s the mad king with forty-nine followers—I offered him fifty!gone R IL; Lear I.4.291 “fifty of my followers at a clap”
HCR. H. CobbOne girl’s make-up made another girl’s poisonanag.
HCF. L. ConstableUnnatural hag: A complete ruin and only 49!goner IL; Lear II.4.305
HCE. FinlayOne girl has a new look—her sister looked after the oldanag.
HCL. G. FlukeReturn to her—I, King—and fifty men dismist?anag. of I R L gone; Lear I.4.291 “fifty of my followers at a clap”
HCC. E. GatesShe had been “worth the whistle”: apparently the poor girl had swallowed oneone in anag.; Lear IV.2.33
HCJ. L. HoggHated British aeroplane!cryptic def.; Lear I.4.258 “detested kite”; RAF slang
HCCapt H. G. JacksonHer father said that she had kicked him—with an iron leg?anag.; Lear III.6.50 “she kicked the poor king”
HCMrs F. Laing“Only she comes too short” said my sister, but I’ll get longer somehow!anag. incl. I; Lear I.1.74
HCR. C. Macfarlane“One o’ the parings”—the gin and the French (or mixed)anag. of gin le or; Lear I.4.180
HCD. P. M. MichaelThe fool compared me to a cuckoo, but I’m gone before the end of Aprilgone (Ap)ril; Lear I.4.209 “The hedge-sparrow fed the cuckoo”
HCF. E. NewloveI made Father lose his train; he got in a rage and a stormy scene followedcryptic def.; Lear I.4.241 “disquantity your train” and III.1-2
HCR. PostillOne Girl’s Muddle Threatens Wholesale Train Cuts. King’s Cross Meetinganag.; Lear I.4.241 “disquantity your train” and III.1-2
HCW. O. RobertsonOne girl in the New Look thought herself worth the whistleanag.; Lear IV.2.33
HCH. L. SheehanShe kicked the poor king, so she has been put in a leg ironanag.; Lear III.6.50
HCO. Carlton SmithShe objected to trains, but could be made to go on a linergo + anag.; Lear I.4.241 “disquantity your train”
HCG. Stanhope-LovellThe confounded girl takes one in—look how she deceived her fatherone in anag.
HCP. H. TaylorDid France contribute nothing, even indirectly, to her retrograde record?anag. of rien in log (rev.) and lit.
HCA. H. Taylor“Not so hot” she said—in fact ’er lingo’s wickedanag.; Lear V.3.75
HCC. TheobaldShe sabotaged the ship of state and we see her go down with the wreckgo + anag. of liner
HCE. WardOne girl messed about—made her father miss his trainanag.; Lear I.4.241 “disquantity your train”

Runners-Up in competition 80:

E. S. AinleyG. DurhamA. F. LerrigoT. E. Sanders
D. A. AndersonMiss EkinsJ. P. LloydMrs Stevenson
A. H. AshcroftA. R. FraserBrig A. B. McPhersonR. Taylor
C. Allen BakerS. B. GreenJ. MontgomerieCapt C. Tyers
Mrs Castle-KnightD. D. HanniganRev A. C. MorrisF. L. Usher
Mrs Castle-KnightMrs HartleyJ. D. P. O’LearyE. Wagstaff
E. F. ClaytonMrs HartleyC. PeaseMrs Wainwright
Lady G. ColeridgeP. H. HoyMrs PorterMrs Wainwright
J. H. DingwallG. H. HunterE. H. PyleJ. T. Young
H. C. DuffinMiss KingH. Rainger 
Brig W. E. DuncanJ. L. LangtonM. R. Sampford