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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
66 Xmas 1947CHRISTMAS PIE or TURKEY CARPET normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMaj A. H. GilesAfter Christmas dinner I have a nap. If completely laid out I may be under the table!2 cryptic defs.; nap2
SecondA. C. OkellRecipe for seasonable fare: ham, spice, stir. Served up by coloured pages with dates and chestnutsanag. and title of periodical
ThirdF. Wallace-HadrillThere’s my Christmas dinner on the floor and you’re treading on it. It’s a bit thick!turkey + carpet
HCC. Allen BakerWho would be an auctioneer, with only chopped spam for his Yuletide fare?anag. in Christie; ref. Christie’s auction house
HCG. E. BormanHad I permits and cash. I’d get something to eatanag.; ref. rationing
HCG. H. ClarkeRecipe for a seasonable favourite—mince ham, add spice and stiranag.
HCJ. H. DingwallSeasonable mixture: mince ham with spice and stiranag.
HCL. E. EyresVarious types of feast provide rich fare and equally rich pastimesi.e. Christmas pie (= mixed types of); anag.
HCMiss J. FraserStir ham, well minced, in mixed spice, for a seasonable confectionanag.
HCC. E. GatesSeasonable fare calculated to give a full Mr. Chips indigestionanag. of a Mister Chips
HCP. IrvingRich pastimes, perhaps, though in past times much richer than to-dayanag.; ref. food rationing
HCMrs M. KidnerIts Eastern creator made a pile, but he blued a good part of it. The result of the scarcity of it is much feltcryptic def.; blued = dyed, squandered; i.e. without carpet, felt underlay is seen
HCMrs D. M. KissenThe Murdered M.P.s, A. Christie—if you like to get your teeth into a good mystery, try this!anag.; Agatha C.
HCD. Marsh-SmithTraditionally a puff pastry: take minced ham. add spice and stiranag.
HCT. W. Melluish“Pretty flattening to the poor,” observed Dr. Spooner, who kept a first as second, preferring to see the WAACs eat with a bottle or two abouti.e. ‘patterning to the floor’; ‘back-seat with a wattle’, i.e. kept a turkey as car pet; turkeys have wattles
HCH. J. PhillipsThe crisis may involve a carving up of the map; a fine mix-up at this season!anag. of the crisis map
HCR. PostillCornered—by relative of miners’ leader? Disorganised pits scare himanag.; ref. Arthur Horner, first Gen. Sec. of NUM, 1946, and “Little Jack H. sat in a corner”
HCD. W. ReedA source of delight, a favourite car, softly furnished, provides a basic luxury including a little petrolTurkey car pet (= favourite); ends with pet(rol); Turkish delight
HCW. O. RobertsonNot intended as a juvenile publication, but well thumbed by one small boytitle of periodical; ref. “Little Jack Horner… put in his thumb…”
HCT. E. SandersPractises ringing changes with him in timely preparation for the festivalanag. of practises him
HCE. C. SemmonsYoung Miners’ Leader got £100,000 out of it: a profitable corner indeed, and he’s smug about it!cryptic def.; ref. Arthur Horner, first Gen. Sec. of NUM, 1946, and “Little Jack H. sat in a corner… pulled out a plum… what a good boy am I”; plum = £100,000
HCMiss A. C. TathamAdd spice to ham and stir, twice, for this seasonable dishanag.; stir as both anag. material and indicator
HCA. H. TaylorHaving an after Christmas dinner nap?cryptic def.; nap2

Runners-Up in competition 66:

F. A. ClarkS. HolgateD. P. M. MichaelE. J. F. Primrose
J. DuffillF. P. HusseyW. A. NichollsC. M. Tatham
S. B. GreenJ. P. LloydJ. D. P. O’LearyCapt C. Tyers
D. HawsonA. McIntyreRev E. B. PeelCapt R. F. Tyers