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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
289 Jun 1954CISTERN normal14


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstB. J. McCannWe can get a good many inches of rain here. Over a hundred before August!CI + stern
SecondC. KoopMy room admits so much wet—it’s nicer shuffling about the street!St in anag.
ThirdJ. S. YoungIt’s somewhere between Wells and Bathcryptic def.
HCC. Allen BakerA hole in one? It just won’t hold water—you take about ten, sir, in the rough!c. + anag.
HCC. O. ButcherIn the Civil Service one is not enough—a triplicate form is required. It must be properly filled up to be of useI in CS + tern2
HCW. J. DuffinI gurgle when flushed with success, but I’m grim after the slightest bit of a trouncing(troun)ci(ng) + stern
HCL. E. EyresThis ought to hold water: if A = 1, B = 2, etc., presumably ——!i.e. C is tern2
HCE. Gomersall101, and hard as nails, in spite of being a constant pipe-fillerCI stern
HCD. A. NichollsMy dribbling finishes with proper ball control, my tap supplies Dixie—so back gets the bird!sic (rev.) + tern; ball-valve; D. Dean, footballer
HCE. R. PrenticeA Yank always makes me flush!cryptic def.
HCJ. S. PyettSo backward with the beastly rent it’s holding up the water supply!sic (rev.) + anag.
HCR. SettleSounds as if ’e’s next for the bath!‘’s ’is turn’
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsI may go bump in the night, causing disturbed rest, and panic if Father’s awayanag. incl. (Pa)nic
HCMiss D. W. TaylorOne of the things that go bump in the night, disturbing a restin’ chap.anag. incl c. (= chap., chapter)

Runners-Up in competition 289:

Lt A. S. BirtS. B. GreenK. PerryJ. F. Smith
R. S. CaffynC. R. HaighR. PostillMiss R. E. Speight
A. N. ClarkL. JohnsonM. G. Powell-DaviesW. Sutton
G. N. CoulterR. MalcolmE. J. RackhamH. G. Tattersall
D. M. DevineD. P. M. MichaelCapt W. H. W. RidleyMrs J. E. Townsend
J. A. FloodW. L. MironA. RobinsJ. Vallely
A. L. FreemanJ. J. MooreD. T. RowlandH. Walsham
C. E. GatesC. J. MorseT. E. SandersR. A. Wells
C. P. GrantD. MurrayMrs E. M. Simmonds