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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
239 Jul 1953GENISTA Printer’s Devilry21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. A. Maxtone Graham“How démodé,” reflected I: “Mo/le, a garment out of fashion”Imogen; ref. Cymbeline III.4, “Poor I am, stale, a garment …”
SecondMrs E. ShackletonYou know the story of Ha/l Lime? This American cad diesWalter Hagen, US champion golfer
ThirdMrs J. O. FullerCane u/s certain? Knowing Ma and Pa—the likely issueeugenist
HCA. J. BarnardGot tin/? Me? After a holiday in Paris?Göttingen
HCJ. C. R. ClaphamThe present total? The opening pair produced them on o/vers without extrasmonogenist; i.e. Adam and Eve
HCJ. A. FloodConsult the M.O.? No/, dam’ it, ’e’s hell, say all of usmonogenist: Adamites
HCH. D. FriedbergNo poly/p proves a dampolygenist … Adam
HCS. B. GreenPep to/ken to encourage little Mary to work wellPeptogen; little M. = stomach
HCJ. E. HobsonWhen displaying his talented garb, Er/l King Charlie seems almost humanEdgar Bergen, ventriloquist, and his dummy
HCC. KoopAs a guide to skiers, in wen/t Ethel! And Mark’s to follow!Wengen, Switzerland
HCC. R. MalcolmGive a Eu/ropean d—— hell! Hang a mulatto!eugenist
HCC. J. MorsePriam would have thought thee u/ninhibited, wretch!eugenist; P. supposedly fathered 68 sons
HCJ. S. RiochHi! Slips are tight! Can’t see how ’e’d garb Er/l-king!Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist
HCA. RivlinHusband abroad thinks, “I’m O/.K. in Ga., Rome. O! I’ll have the baggage despatched in good time”Imogen; ref. Cymbeline
HCA. RobinsMaladroit Mating Multiplies Morons—Eu/phony!eugenist
HCT. E. SandersSaid I, mo/le, am a garment out of fashionImogen; ref. Cymbeline III.4, “Poor I am, stale, a garment …”
HCE. O. SeymourThe great hope of the Eu/ston E.W. people is the production of a goods traineugenist … good strain
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsCould I but “swing,” like Aha/b at the ballWalter Hagen, US champion golfer
HCMrs J. E. TownsendMy stroke play is improving. It was after seeing Ha/rt.—EdWalter Hagen, US champion golfer
HCJ. F. N. WedgeEd! Garb Er/l-king—but hi! Slips aren’t showing! Any signs of movement?Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist
HCM. WoolfThis fish packed by “Canneries Inc.” open ha/sty!Copenhagen

Runners-Up in competition 239:

Dr C. AlexanderRev J. G. GrahamA. F. LerrigoMrs E. M. Simmonds
P. C. BarclayMrs K. N. GrahamGrp Capt G. Struan MarshallE. W. Startup
H. BernardJ. H. GrummittE. L. MellershL. T. Stokes
J. A. BlairMaj H. A. HardyT. W. MelluishDr E. Sunderland
J. P. BowyerC. U. HatfieldW. L. MironH. G. Tattersall
Dr L. J. Clark-WilsonH. A. HawesD. MurrayA. F. Thomas
R. M. S. CorkF. N. HoddellMaj J. N. PurdonJ. F. Turner
G. N. CoulterA. W. HodgkinsonH. RaingerC. Vaughan
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonE. G. IllingworthA. RamsdenH. Walsham
G. E. DudmanMrs L. JarmanJ. RimingtonI. Young
W. J. DuffinJ. W. JenkinsH. RotterJ. S. Young
W. A. EassonL. W. JenkinsonJ. H. Scott-Wilson 
Mrs N. FisherLt C. LaverF. N. Shimmin 
S. GoldieG. G. LawranceMiss M. G. Shuttleworth