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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
231 May 1953PREAMBLE normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. A. FinckenPage after page after page before the blessed start!p + ream + ble(ssed), & lit.
SecondMaj A. H. GilesQuite a way to go before coming to the start gives the opportunity for a preliminary canterpre-amble
ThirdG. Stanhope-LovellSoft cream? Mrs. Browning’s complexion needs no end! And that’s just a preliminaryp + ream2 +ble(e); blee attributed to ‘Mrs Browning’ in contemporary ed. of C.
HCE. S. AinleyCurried lamb, with garnishing to taste—before, a Melba, frappé—might make oneanag. in pree, pre + anag., & lit.
HCM. BowlesStart in quick tempo, and proceed andante: this may lead into a solemn measurepre(sto) + amble
HCW. J. DuffinWhereas it begins in an Act of Parliament, a change in the constitution is really achieved by a rebel M.P.!anag.
HCS. GoldieEntrée. What about minced lamb? Hae a wee bite!anag. in pree
HCMrs B. M. HalpernDon’t take palm beer neat: I can tell you why in advanceanag.
HCC. HighamA rebel M.P. manqué, I introduce an Act of Parliament according to traditionanag.
HCR. N. H. HughmanFirst steps in a course at a manège?cryptic def.; pre-amble
HCL. W. JenkinsonPreliminary account of marble bust found within the borders of the Peloponneseanag. in P,e
HCA. F. LerrigoBefore blame is portioned out, I must first discover the reasons for the actpre + anag.
HCE. R. PrenticeThe pros and cons of legislature distorted by a rebel M.P.anag.
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsBill’s first words are a signal to be quiet about the morning after! Bleary? Not half!p re a.m. ble(ary)
HCO. Carlton SmithStewed lamb, with a Scotch taste about it—might do for an entréeanag. in pree
HCR. VincentWe might see the beginning of the Act before taking a strollpre amble
HCI. YoungA rebel member may introduce the Bill, but his constituents will be furiousanag. of a rebel MP

Runners-Up in competition 231:

C. Allen BakerBrig W. E. DuncanB. M. LeggA. Robins
J. W. BatesH. H. ElliottT. W. MelluishMrs E. M. Simmonds
J. A. BlairL. E. EyresD. P. M. MichaelMrs A. L. Stevenson
Mrs CaithnessMrs N. FisherW. L. MironJ. Thompson
R. N. ChignellMrs J. O. FullerC. J. MorseG. B. Tower
T. A. ChubbMrs M. GoulterR. P. C. MutterJ. F. N. Wedge
B. G. H. CleggR. M. GraceE. G. PhillipsJ. B. Widdowson
H. DavidsonS. B. GreenG. H. PodmoreMrs S. E. Wilson
C. P. DearnleyB. J. IliffeE. W. Richart 
F. E. DixonP. W. W. LeachJ. S. Rioch