WordStats for M. A. Furman
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NameNo of cluesFirst
VHCsHCs Also listed as
M. A. Furman5 0058M. Furman


M. A. Furman’s average clue lengths over 5 clues:

48 letters per clue (3 above the archive average of 45)

10.4 words per clue (0.8 above the archive average of 9.6)


Longest clue

First signs of perturbation and nervousness in crowds lead to this

56 letters, 11 words, in competition 114 PANIC


Shortest clue

Prodigal who reformed got roasted calf’s head

38 letters, 7 words, in competition 123 SCATTERGOOD


M. A. Furman has contributed 2 unique words to the clue archive: