WordStats for D. M. Duckworth
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NameNo of cluesFirst
D. M. Duckworth10 001030

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D. M. Duckworth’s average clue lengths over 10 clues:

53 letters per clue (8 above the archive average of 45)

12.1 words per clue (2.5 above the archive average of 9.6)


Longest clues

Set up this variety of a torch in a certain way and the result will be polychromatic!

68 letters, 17 words, in competition 243 OLYMPIC


Castaway’s choice of luxury might make desert island this – atoll flowing with beer!

68 letters, 13 words, in competition 1039 TOLERABLE


Shortest clue

It’s unusual for her to be stuck on bilge!

32 letters, 9 words, in competition 874 BLUESTOCKING


D. M. Duckworth has contributed 5 unique words to the clue archive:


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