Clues by Dr I. S. Fletcher in 2021-2022
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Dr I. S. Fletcher000717
No.Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
2573HANDS-ONVHCManual? What’s needed for clutch, perhaps, is one’s left leghand + (I)s + on
2578VARIORU(M) (Letters Latent)VHCSequence of changes? A coronavirus after that can so spread outanag. less anag.
2582ACHITOPHELVHCPlot hatched, I concealed signs of treachery David missedanag. less t, D, & lit.; ref. 2 Sam.
2586BALDERDASHVHCEmbodying Edward Lear primarily, rising poet has composed nonsenseEd L (rev.) in bard + anag.
2595FIFTY YEARSVHCSpanning run, one ends in worthy anniversary puzzle, stiff to crackr in anag. incl. a, y, y, e, & lit.
2599DESIDERATAVHCEnvironmentalist’s no. 1 dread is failing to contain temperature one wantse in anag. + t + a
2603TERAS def. PRATT (Wrong Number)VHCBeing that’s disfigured at centre and rear of uterus?rear; anag. incl. er, s, & lit.

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2569 BILBO