Clues by D. F. Manley in 2021-2022
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D. F. Manley110711
No.Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
2573HANDS-ONFirstSecond to Chambers one must get Don’s fantastic Manual!h + an + anag.; ref. Chambers Crossword Manual
2578VARIORU(M) (Letters Latent)VHCAuthorised Version could be demystified with this one ed’s possibly brought out?anag. less anag., & lit.
2582ACHITOPHELVHCA companion and help to leader of Israel becoming rebelliousa CH + I in anag., & lit.; ref. 2 Sam., chs 15-16
2584GIFT-WRAPPED (Cut & Paste)VHCFidget around with fancy paper, wanting prezzie finally ——EDGIFTWRAPP; anag. + w + anag. less e, & lit.
2586BALDERDASHVHCBunk bed’s rail had broken, making one fall outanag. less I
2591GHATVHCTravelling the Ganges? You may have seen this, landing finallycomp. anag. incl. g, & lit.
2595FIFTY YEARSVHCWe’ll have festival for ye, X’s successor, recollecting —— with lovecomp. anag. incl. Y, & lit.
2599DESIDERATAVHC‘Essentials’ Asda tried launching to be spiked by Waitrose ultimately?e in anag.; ref. threatened legal action
2603TERAS def. PRATT (Wrong Number)SecondGrowth not healthy, Sunak rated ‘duff’, and UK drifting apart?duff; anag. less anag.

HCs awarded in competitions:

2569 BILBO