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CCCWC November competition voters’ comments
Clue no. 10: Change channels to see what could be served up on Bake Off?

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A clue to TURNOVER.
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Comments on the clue
1.Simple and effective – well done.
2.I think this is the best of the "change channels" clues.
Comments on the competition
First time here and I've really enjoyed reading the clues. Struggled to limit myself to 15 points and gave out quite a few merits for other clues I enjoyed.

There were a lot of apple pie (or similar) clues – only the best (10 imho) got any points.

Quite a few VOTER* + [URN] (provided in some guise) made for topical clues, giving what's going on the other side of the pond. I particularly enjoyed 36's construction, plus the neat definition for the two-page newspaper article, so that got the most points from me.

I also enjoyed 5 for its less common take, and that shared top spot in my book.

19 was a decent stab at what our old friend D St.P. Barnard would have called a parabolic clue, and I think it works – definitely a couple of points for total originality!