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About this clue type

From the preamble to Azed No. 50

From the answer to each clue the solver must omit one letter wherever it occurs (sometimes more than once) before entry in the diagram. The 38 letters thus omitted, read in the order in which the clues are printed, form a quotation from the ‘Oxford Dictionary of Quotations‘ (omitting one word) which Azed optimistically hopes will be said of him hereafter. Definitions in the clues refer to the full, unmutilated answers; subsidiary indications refer to the mutilated forms to be entered in the diagram. Numbers in brackets show the full lengths of unmutilated words.

1 Down is the missing word from the quotation (not descriptive of Azed!), observing the rules of the puzzle. Competitors should submit a clue to this word following the style of all the other clues in the puzzle.


In Azed Nos. 200, 900 and 1200 the subsidiary indications in the clue lead to the defined answer less some specific thematic letters to be determined by solvers.

In Ximenes 728 clues the latent letter is also omitted from the definition wherever it occurs.

  DateClue wordCluesWinner
AZ2209Oct 2014(O)CT(O)BER21L. Ward
AZ1914Feb 2009VE(S)TAL23R. C. Teuton
AZ1840Sep 2007W(I)NN(I)E-THE-POOH24P. L. Stone
AZ1818Apr 2007POISSO(N) D’AVRIL21D. F. Manley
AZ1277Nov 1996NOVE(M)BER22Dr J. Burscough
AZ1200May 1995Nine letter word (C and T latent)25N. C. Dexter
AZ900Aug 1989(C)HARLATANIS(M)22N. C. Dexter
AZ718Feb 1986FLO(GG)IN(G)23S. Holgate
AZ426Jun 1980MISL(E)ADING33W. J. M. Scotland
AZ323Jun 1978(C)U(C)KOO27C. Loving
AZ200Jan 1976The Extra Guest (minus CC)29R. M. S. Cork
AZ178Aug 1975A(U)G(U)ST24A. J. Crow
AZ50Feb 1973CORPULE(N)T25H. A. C. Darwen
X1100Feb 1970BEAU(C)LER(C)19G. J. S. Ross
X728Xmas 1962ALDERMA(N) (N’s missing in def.)19R. Postill