Clues written by R. J. Heald in 2019-2020
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R. J. Heald200611
No.Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
2469GUDDLE (Spoonerisms)FirstSunday’s Mass beginning to grate forces Catholic to leave foldSandy’s muss; g for C in cuddle; fold = embrace
2473INTERPLAYVHCCrossfire perhaps dispels initial quiet in ‘No Man’s Land’?(P)inter play; ref. 1974 Harold P. play
2477SPRAT-WEATHERVHCTime around which short aquatic creature may be caught in sea, before the end of Decembert in praw(n) in sea + the r, & lit.
2480STOCKING FILLERSVHCSuch presents St Nick ‘forgets’ to supply, bypassing tot imbued with wickedness?ill in anag. less tot, & lit.; ref. Santa’s naughty list
2482VOX POPVHCPoint of view reflecting ordinary people’s principles, including how one might vote?x in POV (rev.) + first letters, & lit.
2486BRUHAHAFirstBaron Hardup merrily gives away daughter, Prince becoming husband by end of Cinderella pantomimeanag. incl. B less d, with h for P + a
2490DREAMSCAPEVHCWork Marcel Duchamp essayed periodicallyanag. of alternate letters, & lit.; ref. French surrealist painter
2495BUNGVHCTap sealing butt of Mâcon?n in bug, & lit.; tap = listening device

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